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Academic Mentors

No description

Aisha Powell

on 8 June 2016

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Transcript of Academic Mentors

Academic Mentors
Do's and Dont's

To maximize the mentoring experience for your mentee, here are several things
that you as an Academic Mentor should do:

: At the initial stages of the match, your mentee may appear to be hesitant,
unresponsive, or unappreciative of the mentor relationship. Understand that this is normal and
over time, the relationship will develop.

You should be on time and ready to begin your mentoring session. You are
an academic role model for your mentee; please model positive behaviors (i.e., arriving
15 minutes before your session is scheduled).

Keep your mentoring session commitments! It is crucial to show up for
each session, you are establishing rapport with your mentee and you do not want to
disrupt the development of your mentor relationship.
Academic Mentor Do's
: Please wear your Pirate Academic Success Center (PASC) T-shirt to all your mentee session. Dress conservatively and wear non-revealing clothing.

: An open and honest relationship is key for powerful mentoring. Provide an environment where your mentee can feel free to be honest.

: If you do not display a love for mentoring, how can you expect the mentee to enjoy it?
Academic Mentor Do's
Use resources:
Be familiar with the textbooks, resource handbooks, and the computer software that is available at the PASC.

: Develop good active listening skills so that you will better understand your
mentee’s concerns.

Good questioners
: Utilize probing questions in order to evaluate their academic your mentee’s performance in their courses
Academic Mentor Do's
Encourage independence
: Encourage mentees to become their own advocate. You want the mentee to rely on themselves, rather than you. Remind them they must put forth effort to benefit from mentoring.

Maintain confidentiality
: Any personal information such as medical conditions,
disabilities, or test scores should be between only you and the mentee.
Academic Mentor Dont's
Do not think of yourself as the dispenser of all truth and knowledge.
Try to relate to your mentees as equals. Refer mentee to others when you do not have the answers (e.g., Academic Mentoring Specialist or the PASC staff).

Do not do give up right away.
Your mentee may resist your help at first. He or she may not recognize your value of what you have to offer.

Do not judge
someone's ability or intellect based on appearance or age.
Always contact a PASC Staff person or your Lead Academic Mentor if you are unsure about how to respond to a certain situation.
Academic Mentor Dont's
Do not allow your mentees to do the minimum
. Challenge them to reach for the "A"
instead of settling for a “C”.

Do not try to force your mentee to follow your footsteps.
If the footsteps fit, he or she
will follow them voluntarily. Each mentee has a unique path and value where he or she is along that path.

Do not automatically give advice or criticism
. Help the mentee identify problems and
guide them towards solutions. This means try to look deeper; if there are symptoms, look for what could be causing them.

Academic Mentor Dont's
Do not accept any kind gifts from your mentee
. No meals, no drinks, no money, and no material items (e.g., flowers, candy, clothing, jewelry, books, gift cards, etc.). You do not want to send the wrong message when accepting gifts from your mentee.

Do not give mentees rides
. This will ensure you are not liable for any accidents or occurrences that take place outside of the PASC.

Do not use mentoring as your personal dating service. This could do more than just hurt the students' grades; it could jeopardize your future.
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