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Summer vs Winter Session at Devon

No description

Allie Atkins

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of Summer vs Winter Session at Devon

Summer vs Winter Session at Devon
Devon; Summer Session vs now
"Why go through the motions of getting an education and watch the war slowly chip away at the one thing I had loved here, the peace, the measureless, careless, peace of the Devon summer."
pg 93
"Not that I grudged him for any of this. I liked Brinker in Spite of his Winter Session efficiency; almost everyone liked Brinker"
pg 79
Winter session
"In the air there was only a edge of coolness to imply the coming winter" Pg 64
Summer session
"We went in shaky transit that summer from the groveling status from lower middlers to the near respectability of upper middlers" pg 7
Summer Session
"a few dozen boys being force-fed education a stop gap while most of the masters were away and most of the traditions stored against sultriness the summer session was over" - pg. 64 paragraph 2

The summer session is less strict they don't do as much work and there is more free time.
Over all comparison
Winter Session
"now the official class leaders and politicians could be seen taking charge, assuming as a matter of course their control of these walks and fields which had belonged only to us". pg.66 paragraph 2

The winter session is more strict they do more work and have less free time.
The wall of peace that Devon had held up from the outside war during the summer seemed to leek into Gene's thoughts
Why waste time on an education when the school was slowly preparing them for war anyway
Overall: Fun, careless yet meaningful, thoughts of war weren't evident
Devon; Winter Session
The different seasons spent at Devon seem to bring out different personality traits
Summer's laid back, as winter comes students begin to shape up like Brinkers "Winter season efficiency
Memories of the Summer session had a relaxed, peaceful feel
Dinners were able to be missed, even a trip to the beach was acceptable
It's when Finny and Gene's friendship became it's strongest
As winter season came, kids and teachers began to get more serious
Rules became stricter
Less free time
Although, without Finny as Genes other half, free time seemed less important, contributing to the gloomy vibe winter season gave off
They are transitioning between being unimportant students to becoming respected upper classmen
The change of seasons was coming and you could tell it was going to be winter soon
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