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Brachial Plexus

No description

Tony Young

on 20 July 2010

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Transcript of Brachial Plexus

Tired - Trunks
Drink - Divisions
Coffee - Cords QUESTIONS
How many roots make up the BP?
Name the trunks
How many divisions are there?
What roots make up the ulnar nerve?
Damage to C7 may effect which major branches? Made up of 5 roots
Ventral rami of C5 to T1 At the lateral board of sternocleidomastoid the roots unite to form Upper
Lower trunks Each of which divide almost immediately into Anterior and
Posterior divisions These run deep to the clavicle and enter the axilla. It is here the Lateral, Medial and Posterior cords are formed LATERAL CORD - made from the anterior divisions of the upper and middle trunks MEDIAL CORD - Continuation of the anterior division of the lower trunk POSTERIOR CORD - Made from all 3 posterior divisions From the cords 5 large peripheral nerves are formed MUSCULOCUTANEOUS Nerve - formed from the lateral cord C5-C7
Muscular branches - flexor muscles in anterior arm (biceps brachii, brachialis, coracobrachialis)
Cutaneous - Skin on anterior forearm MEDIAN Nerve - formed from the medial cord (C8, T1) and lateral cord (C5-C7)
Muscular branches - flexor group of anterior forearm (PL, FCR,FDS,FPL, lateral 1/2 of FDP & pronator muscles) and intrinsic muscles of the lateral palm
Cutaneous - Lateral 2/3's of hand palm side and dorsum of fingers 2 and 3 Dermatomes ULNAR Nerve - Formed by the medial cord (C8,T1)
Muscular branches - flexor muscles of the anterior forearm (FCU, medial half of FDP) and most of the intrinsic hand muscles
Cutaneous - skin of medial third of hand, both anterior and posterior aspects RADIAL Nerve - Formed by the posterior cord (C5-C8,T1)
Muscular branches - posterior muscles of arm, forearm, and hand (triceps, anconeus, supinator, brachioradialis, ECR [L & B], ECU and finger extensors
Cutaneous - posterolateral surface of the entire limb (except dorsum of finger 2 & 3) AXILLARY Nerve - formed by posterior cord (C5,C6)
Muscular branches - deltoid and teres minor
Cutaneous - top of shoulder Cutaneous OTHER NERVES DORSAL SCAPULAR - from the rami of C4 and C5
Muscular - Rhomboids and levator scapular LONG THORACIC - from the rami of C5, C6 and C7
Muscular - Serratus anterior From the Rami From the Trunks NERVE TO SUBCLAVIUS - From upper trunk C5 & C6
Muscular - Subclavius SUPRASCAPULAR - From upper trunk
Muscular - Supraspinatus (C4, C5 & C6)
Infraspinatus (C5 & C6) From the cords LATERAL PECTORAL - from lateral cord
Muscular - Pectoralis mj C5,C6 & C7
Pectoralis Minor C5 & C6 MEDIAL PECTORAL - form the medial cord
Muscular - Pec mj - C8 & T1
Pec minor C6, C7 & C8 UPPER and LOWER SUBSCAPULAR From the posterior cord
Muscular - Subscapularis C5 & C6
Teres Mj C6 & C7 THORACORDORSAL - From the posterior cord
Muscular - Lat dorsi C6, C7 & C8
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