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Clonal Selection Theory

No description

Carol Gelfer

on 13 June 2010

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Transcript of Clonal Selection Theory

the best is a good offense
defense how does one defend? Prepare ahead of time. break it down yo how clonal selection works 1 The body makes stem cells, and then differentiates them into "immature lymphocytes". Each lymphocyte has a unique "receptor".
Each immature lymphocyte has a special shape which
will fit only one "antigen". 2 lymphocytes that match the body's
own tissues are quickly destroyed, while
the rest of them go dormant, and lay in wait... 3 most of these lymphocytes never meet their "match".
But when one does... it clones itself... 4 and then destroys the intrduer. *not actual antigen. haha! use the force! the immune system wins. moral of the story? Clonal Selection theory keepin' you safe since you were born. Clonal Selection theory what it is, and how it works Clonal Selection Theory, yo. hurrah! hurrah!
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