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Through the Life Stages of the Human Life Span

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preena patel

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Through the Life Stages of the Human Life Span

27.02.12 Through the Life stages Infancy 0-3 Childhood 4-9 Adolescence 11-18 Adulthood 19-65 Life Stages Infancy




Later Adulthood Infancy (0-3)

Childhood (4-9)

Adolescence (10-18)

Adulthood (19-65)

Later Adulthood (65+) Important Events... Starter On the washing line write on the life stages

Write on the ages for these life stages Later Adulthood 65+ PIES Physical Social Intellectual Emotional What is physical health? What is intellectual health? What is emotional Health? What is Social Health? Growth Development on the washing line hang on the events where you think they go best.. and explain how somebody would feel about this event Learning Objectives > Recap the life stages in the human lifespan

> Explain PIES for each life stage

> Define concepts that occur at each life stage .....means an increase in size and mass includes skills, intellectual ability, and emotional responses that a person gains at each life stage Thinking for yourself ability to read communication with others What can infants do?

What are primitive reflexes? Sucking – suck on a finger placed in their mouth

Rooting – if a babies face is touched, they will turn their heads in such for a nipple

Grasping – infants curl their fingers around anything in their hand

Stepping – if an infant is held in a standing position they will make stepping movements Primitive Reflexes How would we define ‘norms’?

What are developmental milestones?

What is attachment?

What is the difference between ‘fine’ motor skills and ‘gross’ motor skills Technical Time Involves use of muscles to control body.
Infants learn to control their muscles before they are able to balance and carry out more complex movements Gross Motor Skills Involve hand-eye co- ordination of the fingers.
Having the ability to use and co-ordinate fine movement Fine Motor Skills Infancy 0-3 3 months
6 months
9 months
12 months
15 months
18 months
2 years
2 ½ years
3 years PIES > Growth Spurt
>Grow in their second permanent set of teeth
>‘baby’ fat is lost
>Make close friendships
>Start to gain confidence
>Understand the concept of taking it in turns
>Attending school
>Understand rules and fairness Puberty
Abstract thinking
Personality develops
Experimental Maturity
Raising children
Being prepared to listen to others
Living alone or with a partner
Forming relationships
Knowing oneself and one’s emotions
Hearing declines
Bones become more fragile
Hair thins and greys
Disengagement – withdrawn
Bereavement Foetal Development – Fazarna
Infancy – Brody and Raheena
Childhood – Danella
Adolescence - Sabrina
Adulthood- Emma
Later Adulthood – Mia Present your life stage to the class Content
Audibility Assessed on.... Key Words..... > growth
> development
> developmental milestone
> developmental norms
> maturation
> maturational stages
> life expectancy
> life course Foetal Development week 4 - the egg is embedding in the lining of your womb to your baby’s first tiny heartbeat
week 8 - vital body organs starting to form - developing at a rapid rate
week 12 - foetus will move their arms and legs around
week 18 - foetus is the length of a pen
week 20 - half way through. Rapid development of the muscles
week 24 - baby should be around 32cm
week 27 - baby is kicking a lot more
week 32 - if the baby is born now - good chance of survival
week 40 - baby is fully development ready to be born
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