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Pitch Deck Glamour presented by Sophora

No description

Anthoni Styvens

on 10 October 2015

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Transcript of Pitch Deck Glamour presented by Sophora

Kash Barb
Kash Barb is a celebrity make up artist, media socialite, business owner, and a single mother. Kash found her success by booking work strictly through social media platforms. She never takes no for an answer and is not scared to retaliate or publicly call out anyone who she feels has wasted her time, including her customers.

Londyn Juwelz
Londyn is a celebrity makeup artist, beauty expert, and choir director. His religion and faith are a huge part of his life but being a closeted gay man makes him question his religion, as well as, his role at the church. Londyn is on the verge of coming out to his parents, from who he has been hiding his secret due to their strong religious views. With pigments as his medium, brushes as his tools, and a face as his canvas; Londyn tells a story of courage and beauty through his work.
Jules Laracuente
Tiffany Garlick
Pam Seabrook
Tatianna "Beatface" Ward
Jessica Rodirguez
Pam is a seasoned makeup artist and a strong-minded business woman who has launched her on line of lipsticks and eyelashes (Signature PS). Pam is leading the pack amongst the cast when it comes to being a true entrepreneur, however, like most entrepreneurs she is having trouble finding investors. Without investors Pam is having serious issues getting her products to market. To make matters worse her longtime boyfriend no longer supports her dreams and wants her to give up on the makeup business but Pam is no quitter.
Jessica is the owner/operator of "Makeup By Angels", a start up bridal company based out of New Jersey, and single mother of two. While she saw early success, things are slowing down due to the sharp increase of online tutorials done by amateurs claiming to be professionals. In order to continue providing for her family Jessica has reluctantly decided to start her own YouTube channel to level the playing field. Though she possess the necessary makeup skills she is finding great difficulty in figuring out how make her talents shine in the overly saturated social media community.
Jules is a celebrity makeup artist and the proud owner of AMA Academy, one of New Jersey's top makeup schools. She started AMA two years ago with no money, support, or encouragement from her millionaire parents. She is currently in the process of opening a second location in Brooklyn and now her parents want to be investors. However, she no longer needs nor does she want their money which has casued a major family feud.
Taitianna is a celebrity makeup artist and a leading YouTube makeup tutorial instructor. She was discovered online and soon became the makeup artist for Brandy and Nicki Minaj.Tatiana has partnered with fellow social media maven and celebrity makeup artist Renny Vasquez to take their tutorial-style teaching methods on the road.
Celebrity Clients: Nicki Minaj, Sevyn Streeter, Brandy, K. Michelle, Niecey Nash, SWV, Sommore, Steve Harvey, T.I.
Tiffany is a celebrity makeup artist who is currently on the verge of opening up her own cosmetics super store similar to the worldwide retailer Sephora. She has several big name brands that are willing to place their products into her location as soon as she finds investors to help open the store. However, Tiffany is currently dealing with a vicious custody battle which may result in her facing jail time due to unpaid child support. Juggling both of these has proven to be a truly daunting task for her and she fears that if she doesn't get things under control her career will soon be at its end.
Celebrity Clients: Rihanna, Adrianna Bailon, Selita E Banks, Common, Anjela SImmons, Chilli (TLC), Maya, Mase, Tonu Braxton, Michelle Williams (Destiny Child), Marcus Houston, Bobbi Valentino.
Celebrity Clients: Melanie Fiona, Kelly Clarkson, Victoria Beckham, Bria Murphy, Mana Scott, and
The Cast of The Real House Wives of New Jersey
and The Cast of Mob Wives
Celerity Clients: Rasheeda Ali, Taj & LeLe
(SWV), Lil Mo, and Trina.
Celebrity Clients: Lisa Raye, Bishop TD Jakes, Kirk Franklin, Musiq Soul Child, Debra Lee
(BET), Holly Robinson Pete, Tia Mowry, Toya Carter (Antonia Wright), Tisha Campbell,Shirley Strawberry, Sommore, and Mary Mary

Jessica specializes in high end bridal and event make-up. She has worked on events like Cirque du Soleil and Sensation.
Pam's lipstick and makeup has been worn by celebrities such as Christina Milian, Carrie Underwood, and Gabrielle union. She is currently in talks with several celebrities about them becoming the face of her brand.
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