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Interactive Whiteboards Presentation

No description

Shannon Finger

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Interactive Whiteboards Presentation

Farin Ludtke, Stacy Peterson, & Shannon Finger Interactive Whiteboards Mimio Promethean The World's Largest Interactive Whiteboard Community Smart Boards Teachers: What is this good for? Promethean Activboards Learner Response Systems http://www.prometheanplanet.com What Is An Interactive Whiteboard?
An interactive whiteboard is a presentation device that connects to a computer and projector. Unlike a projection screen, the interactive whiteboard is ‘active’.

Drop a text or picture file from a Mac or PC into the Smart Board interface and it is ready to be marked up.
1. ActiveSoftware Inspire- Preinstalled software for presentations, writing and drawing. It allows 2 people to write on the board side by side.
2. Content– Images, lesson plans and activities are available through PrometheanPlanet, a 400,000-member community.
3. Recording – The recording function creates step-by-step playback for students. If a teacher wants students to be able to solve a multi-step problem, for example, students can see the problem being solved over and over. It is similar to a screencast video.
4. Warranty – ActivBoard 378 comes with a 3 year warranty which is extended to 5 years if installed by a certified Promethean installer. Founded in 1987, Smart Technologies
coined the term Smart Board for the first
interactive whiteboard and is now the
industry leader by default. Cost: around $4000 for a 78” IWB Promethean boards are sturdier than Smart Boards, but on the older boards, the user must use a Promethean pen to write on it. The pens have an electromagnetic coil in the tip, which is detected by hardware in the board. Any Promethean pen can be used on any Activboard and two pens can write anywhere on one board at the same time. Newer boards allow touch and control without a pen. Promethean boasts a community unlike any other whiteboard community. The company has its own accreditation process that ranks their partners according to pedagogical approach and content. Some big names like National Geographic and Oxford University Press have exclusive software designed for Promethean Actviboards.
"Far and beyond it has the best interactive software, not just in whistles and bells but in that it is truly geared toward the classroom environment. If I had to put just one board in a room, knew it was going to be used fervently, and wanted great support, I'd go with Promethean. The board with the over hanging projector is very stable, meaning you don't get that problem of having to realign all the time. It comes with such a strong set of software and a online support it's great if you have a school that supports technology." Promethean Planet Resources: By subject, type, or grade level
Lesson Plans
Blog ActiVote ActiVote is a hand-held wireless Learner Response System with a simple 6-button, A-to-F interface. Teachers poll students at any time during class to assess progress and, based on responses, customize lessons to create a more personalized learning environment that is tailored to individual student needs. ActiExpression The keyboard allows for complex responses beyond simple multiple-choice. Users can reply in full-sentences as well as in numbers, symbols, equations, fractions, true/false, Likert scales and more.

Intuitive interface is designed with a simple, easy to use navigation and backlight screen. ActiEngage ActivEngage is a virtual Learner Response System that enables students to contribute to a classroom discussion by responding to questions from their laptops, tablets or mobile handheld devices. This integrated application gives teachers real-time insight into student comprehension and learning progression. ! Mimio Teach Makes any whiteboard a smartboard
Teachbar installs on left side of board
USB plugs into any computer MimioVote Know who understands material
Track progress
Track attendance
Create spreadsheets with student results MimioView Document Camera
Capture 3-D or flat images MimioCapture Ink Recorder
Save whiteboard notes on any board
Allows students to review at any time
Add student drawings to lesson MimioPad Individual wireless whiteboard for each student
Allows students to work independently while all staying on same lesson Common Problems Wireless limitations
Compatibility Issues (spyware, operating software, memory) Why Not Use it? Budget
Time to learn it
Can't personally relate to it (actual lessons) As teachers and students interact with the board using a pen, finger or other device, the action is transmitted to the computer and displayed on the board by a projector. Additional user-controlled devices that communicate with the board can be added, such as voting or wireless slates that enable every learner to actively participate. Encourages teamwork— students work together to solve problems or outline ideas.

Builds confidence— students feel more comfortable in front of the class by working alongside a peer or receiving immediate teacher guidance.

Stimulates critical thinking— makes it possible for students to respond to each other immediately.

Develops social interaction and oral communication skills— an ideal forum for side-by-side demonstrations of two points of view. Students identify where their ideas overlap promoting the development of effective communication skills.

Open a whole-classroom dialog— encourages students to engage, interact with and contribute to lessons, resulting in stimulating discussions and lively, insightful debates.
The surface is more fragile then other boards and can be damaged by writing on them with dry erase markers.

Multiple users are not supported – although you can purchase boards where two people can work side-by-side in specific regions. Cost: $1200 – $3000 for a 77” IWB "The first company and certainly the biggest and the one I've had the least amount of experience with. At presentations I've seen their equipment used but I don't think their software is as good as Promethean and their equipment is just as expensive. They are the giant and will give you the most choices in equipment, quantity they have. I've also noted their machines being left unused in schools. This is only anecdotal but I think it speaks to the point that interactive boards are getting a lot of hype, and that is usually not good in the world of education. I believe if you're going to choose Smart you better have a really good support system so that teachers can count on someone being there to not only show them how to use it but to make it work when they run into issues." Uses a “resistive surface” which does not require a special pen to detect location. Smart Boards can be written on with a finger, a capped marker, or just about any object. Perks with Smart Boards: Uses for Smart Boards Teaching, training, conducting meetings, and delivering presentations. Smart Board Quote: Drawbacks with Smart Boards: The board automatically recognizes what you are doing. For example, you can mark up text with one pens provided, use your finger to move it anywhere on the board and then use your fist to erase the annotation. The board recognizes what you want to do and automatically switches modes based on your actions. Because Smart Boards have been around for a long time, there is a wealth of content created by teachers and available through Smart Board’s website. Like games, activities and lessons. The recording function creates step-by-step playback for students. If a teacher wants students to be able to solve a multi-step problem, for example, students can see the problem being solved over and over. It is similar to a screencast video. Touch Recognition: **Recording: Pen Tray: Available Content: Notebook Software: History: •They can accommodate different learning styles (Multiple Intelligences)
•All ages of students will enjoy them
•Do not need multiple computers in the room
•Will help students with disabilities
•Less printed copies
•Imaginative lesson plans
•Increases motivation and participation Reasons Why Interactive
Smart Boards are so Great!
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