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Employee Development Fund

No description

on 27 October 2016

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Transcript of Employee Development Fund

Employee Development Fund
Annual Professional Development Grant Opportunities
Great On Campus & Off Campus Events
Don't Miss Out! Join EDF Today!
Why be a member of the Employee Development Fund?
Because we offer our members fun opportunities and benefits!
Every fall EDF sponsors a picnic for all employees to enjoy the company of each other as well as sign up new members for EDF.
In conjunction with the picnic, EDF sponsors a food drive.
Fall Picnic
Once a year EDF members are invited to lunch on campus to mingle and network with other Employee Development Fund members.
Pizza Lunch
Several events per year are centered around taking theater trips to Wharton Center or other local theaters. Discounts are offered on ticket prices for EDF members.
Theater Events
Fun and inexpensive Michigan trips are planned for employees who enjoy to travel.
Flu shots are offered at LCC to all employees. EDF members receive a special discount on their flu shot.
Flu Shot Clinic
Detroit Tigers and Detroit Red Wings tickets are offered at discounted prices during the season.
Sports Events
The Lansing Community College Foundation/Employee Development Fund offers educational improvement and professional development grants to current EDF members. The grants will be awarded twice per year: Spring and Fall.

The purpose of the grants:

Stimulate faculty and staff involvement in new and/or innovative educational or service projects
Increase or expand the employees professional development goals
Provide funding for projects that benefit both LCC and the employee

Grants are limited to a maximum of $2,000 each. The total number of grants to be awarded will be determined by the EDF based on available funds.
Annual Professional Development Grant Opportunities
For more details, visit lcc.edu/foundation/edf
Membership is open to all LCC employees for just $1 per pay period or a yearly membership for $26.
Join by filling out the enrollment form or by visiting lcc.edu/payrollgiving
The Employee Development Fund was created for employees, by employees, to provide opportunities, promote fellowship and fun, and enhance our everyday work life.
EDF Mission Statement
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