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Elizabeth Harris

on 9 March 2016

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Transcript of FINLAND

Finland is located in the northern hemisphere neighbouring Russia and Sweeden Finland is in Europe. T
FINLAND Location
The temperature in summer is 14-16 degrees celsius their summer is from December to Feburary.In winter the average is -8.2 and -7.2 the winter months are from july to August the precepitation is 60-80 mm
Climate in Finland
One lake is called saimaa has the 5 th rank of Europe's biggest lake. Based on geography it has many flat land and feas
landscapes in Finland
Finland's favourite sports
The favourite sports in finland are harness racing,ice hockey, nordic walking, skiing, finnish baseball.
built environment Finland
some of the houses in Finland are built on the water and desperse or near a forest and also disperse.
Finland Production
Finland produces 5 percent of global forestry goods, and its printing and writing paper exports are 25 percent of world production. Finland's fur industry dominates the world market for farm-raised foxes, accounting for over half of global fox pelt production in 1997 with revenues of US$2.55 million.
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