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Gender Inequality TOK

No description

Phebe Lemert

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of Gender Inequality TOK

Saturday, September 20:
Emma Watson gives a speech on Feminism at the UN.
If gender inequality affects all of us, to what extent does gender affect the Arts and Ethics?
The Arts and Ethics
How do the arts establish boundaries for genders?
To what extent does is it ethically right to favor one gender?
"By virtue of their testosterone, men are naturally more aggressive than women and to play... trumpet, or to even want to, requires a certain degree of aggressiveness and audacity, both attitudinally and stylistically. So putting the physical attributes aside, perhaps there aren't that many women lead players because they don't want to play that style. Maybe they'd rather just play pretty music... Playing [trumpet] and the desire to do so is not lady-like. It takes a bull-animal mentality that most women simply don't have."
This claim is ludicrous because...
No scientific evidence I could find that said men's testosterone makes them more able to play the trumpet.
From the Maynard Ferguson forums:
I saw that the divisions between gender in the arts weren't due to actual, grounded evidence; but just conceptions on what each gender 'should' do in the arts.
Some may argue that...
Franklin did not get the Nobel Prize because she died before it could be given.
Watson and Crick made the discovery after Franklin left to study viruses.
When researching, she did not go in depth into originally describing DNA- they only saw her X-Ray.
Valid in their points, but...
Gender is influenced by the stereotypes made about it.
Strong, Sporty, Powerful
Nurturing, Well-Mannered, Weak
Phebe Lemert
Period 4 TOK
Better understanding of how Gender Inequality works
Not conclusive- gender inequality is still an ongoing issue.
Tine Thing Helseth
Who won the Nobel prize?
The belief that women should be held at the same social, economic, and political level as men.
From this, I found that it is ethically wrong for a gender to be favored over another. This is because this gender-centered favoritism has no logical reasoning.
The way you control your air pressure also controls the way you play. Hormones do not.
Gender Inequality
These arguments do not account for the fact that Franklin did not receive any credit from Wilkins, Watson, or Crick.
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