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UbD Basics & Beyond-wrksp

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Theresa Flaspohler

on 10 August 2013

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Transcript of UbD Basics & Beyond-wrksp

Understanding by Design
Stage 1: Desired Results
Established Goals
Enduring Understandings
Essential Questions
Knowledge & Skills
Stage 2: Evidence
Stage 3: Learning Plan
Learning Plan: A-M-T
Constructing (M)eaning
EU: Learners must (A)cquire and Make (Me)aning out of information in the service of understanding and (T)ransferring it.
What were the goals of these new ISKL faculty to Malaysia?
Vision: ...learning is stimulated, curiosity is sparked...
SLRs: T.C...risk takers who provoke new ideas & enjoy the challenge of exploring...
Core Beliefs: individual & cultural diversity enriches life.
Enduring Understandings
Global societies are diverse, creating varied perspectives, contributions, and challenges.
Knowledge & Skills
What general aspects of stage 1 do you recall, understand and/or resonated with?
Summary of Stage 1
A framework for purposefully designing curriculum, assessment, and instruction (& even school reform)
Jay McTighe & Grant Wiggins
Essential Questions
How does the culture of the local community contribute to the various cultures of individuals and groups living in the local community?

Why should we study other cultures and what does it teach us?
KWL: (declarative)
"king of fruits in SEA"
grow up to 30 cm/12 in.
distinctive odor
seeds can also be eaten
Skills (procedural)
use a dull knife to wedge open sections
examine fruit for freshness (e.g. stem) & shake for sounds of seeds
CPD2: https://sites.google.com/a/iskl.edu.my/cpd2/
Review the main principles of UbD
How do you typically plan your lessons?
The purpose of assessment is to provide reliable and authentic evidence of understanding and transfer.

How would you measure for transfer?
I wonder...
I notice...
I still have questions about...
Essential vs. Unit Questions
Unit Qs
Gradual release of Responsibility

The purpose of the rubrics
is to reliably and efficiently assess a student’s progress towards standard.
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