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Group Goals, Social Interdependence and Trust WITH COMMENTS

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Dania Esch

on 18 April 2011

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Transcript of Group Goals, Social Interdependence and Trust WITH COMMENTS

Trust Group Goals Offering of...
resources Re-establishing establish superordinate goals
express cooperative intentions
re-establish credibility
consistent acceptance and support
Trust is...
constantly changing in relationships
hard to build, easy to destroy
fostered by cooperation
a self-fulfilling prophecy Allocation of benefits 1. Equity/ merit view of distributing rewards

2. Equality system of distributive justice

3. Distribution according to need Social Interdependence Trust Group Goals Exercise guide for action What is a ? motivates behavior basis for
resolving conflicts assessment & evaluation Exercise Hidden Agendas interfere with group goals clarify goals & ways to reach them
recognize conflicts between group- & individual goals
should HA be discussed or undisturbed?
HA are problems to be solved Plane Wreck build a container to catch the rain! "Getting good players is easy.
Gettin' 'em to play together is the hard part."
- Casey Stengel joint goals clarity of goals level of aspiration specific, workable
operationally defined: measureable, observable
communication between groups & members
planning, carrying out tasks
modifiable & easy clarification compromise between ideal & more realistic expectations
revising expectations upward & downward
optimistic bias positive interdependence
same tasks/ activities to reach individual & group goals Lego Wall group goal: build a wall with Lego bricks
be creative
be fast when individuals share common goals and each individual's outcomes are affected by the actions of others positive interdependence: cooperation
negative interdependence: competition
no interdependence: individualism Quality of relationship
feeling valued, respected
promoting mutual goal accomplishment
group cohesion Psychological adjustment
greater psych. health
emotional maturity
process of self-acceptance
effective communication effort to achieve
intrinsic motivation
process gain, creative thinking
group-to-individual transfer outcomes of cooperation social dependence social independence Exercise: Building Trust Sharing of...
feelings Communication of high regard for...
another person
his/her contributions
Communication of...
recognition of someons's strengths
trust in someone's capabilities Expectations that...
you will behave cooperatively
group members will cooperate Support Cooperative intentions Acceptance Openness Sharing basic components of cooperation positive interdependence Entitativity individual accountability/
personal responsibility promotive interaction social skills group processing Exercise make use of the new skills outcome interdependence (goal, reward)
means interdependence (resource, role, task) perception that a group is a unified and coherent whole
(social) identification with group
self-esteem, self-worth
collective responsibility social loafing effect GM encourage & facilitate each other's efforts to achieve the group's goals clarify & improve member's effectiveness summary, we still need to decide
what we want to include ;) intruduction: the ability to engage in cooperative action to achieve mutual goalsdistinguishes humans from other species
>> to be effective, groups must set group goals, be interdependent and members must be trustworthy see word document for instructions and questionnaire.
we will introduce a discussion to elaborate on the following questions for the observer (estimation for time etc) will be used to explain this point see word document for instructions, material and discussion transition to next topic:
cooperation is necessary to be successful
>> isolated individuals wouldn't be able to reach the goal
>> goals of individuals are related through social interdependence here, we will contrast social interdependence to clarify possible confusions here, it is possible to include the table from p. 27 if we took less time so far than planned (the table can be zoomed in manually) the soccer players' performances each depend on the kicks of others and provide the basis for the next player's kick we could only find a german video for this kind of scene, but we will explain what is going on:
one player did not follow the rules and got a red card. this means that the whole team will have a disadvantage since they can now only play with 10 players can occur, when personal responsibilities are not clear
>> free riders
will vanish, if group is cohesive, ind. accountability/ pers. resp. are high face-to-face
help, assistance, exchaning resources, challenging, trust communication
constructive conflict resolving
higher achievements
more pos. relationships among GM reflection on how well group functions + plan how to improve
reduce social loafing (by highlighting unique contributions)
better relationships (respect) >> self-esteem, effort to achieve after explaing the 6 components: if the 6 components are absent, members may benefit from exploiting cooperation

discussion: what conditions could help stabilize cooperation?
(>> seeing future in group when interaction happens continuously, actions of everybody must be visible, emotional attachment to group (social identity), valuing reciprocity) after we elaborated on each of the components, we will explain the relationships between them (zooming out) discussion after exercise
>> definition of trust
>> we thought to illustrate the (complicated) definition with the picture instead of writing it down (breaking trust)
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