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The UoW Duck Hunt: Behind the laughter

No description

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of The UoW Duck Hunt: Behind the laughter

The UoW Duck Hunt
Behind the quack
The game takes place at UoW Wollongong campus
The campus map is similar to a board from a board game.
We wanted to help introduce the campus to new students, as part of the O-Week proceedings.
The game itself is played with the idea of using the campus as the board.
Game shouldn’t take more than half an hour, However this is dependant on the player and their ability to follow instructions and solve problems
Ultimately, there is no restriction on time whether it be when you play it or how long you play for.
The UoW Duck hunt is flexible in time.
The game is created with the idea of re-imagining the UoW Campus as a space of play, rather than exclusively a space of learning.
The idea of learning
incorporated into the game via educating new students about the buildings on campus.
As the space/place race is the distinguishing factor of our game, mobility is the keystone to success.
The game takes place on a huge playing board.
People will need to ambulate around while questing for their ducks/qr codes
Thereby the game feature mobility within a restricted area (the game remains on the UoW Wollongong campus).
Everyone will have a shared experience and it should bring people together as they work towards a common goal.
Primary Game loop of, find code > decipher code > go to next location > repeat.

Inspired by the amazing race > began as a giant easter egg hunt, developed into a four team challenge, this is much to complex therefore;

Because of lack of control, we made the game much simpler, and used it as an introductory to the campus buildings
Core Stuff
QR codes – A way of digitalising the game
Walking – Ties in with mobility, place and space
Puzzle solving – although simplistic, adds a sense of challenge
Game Mechanics
Shared experience to talk about, "I got lost trying to find this one”

Builds on UoW community as it helps show newer people around.
Everyone having a good time because of our lovely game
A group of culturally diverse people having fun, just like what will happen when people play our game.
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