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Philip's Senior Foilo

No description

Philip Yang

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Philip's Senior Foilo

Double click anywhere & add an idea Novel Lord of the Flies The Lord of The Ring Revenge Hamlet The count of the Montecristo Poetry
Grass The Way
Speech Ain't I a Woman I have a dream Song The Battle of Hymn of the Republic Jinggle Bell Setting(War) Julius Caesar A boy at war Theater Antigone The Phantom of the Opera Short Story The Poker Flat The Black Cat Journalism The Autobiography of Frederick Douglass The life of Napoleon Yoon Dong Ju Isabel Allende Author i will tell story and what i felt after read the book
and compare with The Lord of the ring How they revenge differently The impact of the songs i want to tell, what they wanted to say both are war, but there happened different time Songs are express what people want to say or think. It is kind other way of literature because literature also expresses people thinks and share with other people and criticizes society. Some of Hip-Hop songs criticize society this is lesson to us. Long time ago, sort of song is only one, it is fork song, but nowadays there is a lot of kinds, such as R&B, Hip-hop, Rock, and ballade. When I listen music, it makes me emotional person. Especially, Lasse Lindh’s songs make people feel emotioanl, singer’s voice is appealing. That’s things make me love the Songs Speech gives strong impression, without time of preparation; speech will not be effective on the ears of audience. This thing easy to get mention to audience. If audience get strong impression from Speech. They keep more remind than other literature works in head. Most speech talks about policy of government, big issue of at that time, and right. Those topics that the speech had in the past are similar to issues of the today’s speech. If audience listen speech, they could understand current the trend. Speaker had to a lot of practice before do speech, it required brave, and knowledge. So that makes people instigate from speaker. Philip's Senior Literature Foilo
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