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Mrs. Hatsuyo Nakamura

No description

Kelly Fuchs

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of Mrs. Hatsuyo Nakamura

After the explosion she struggled to get up when her house collapsed.
She say Myeko, her youngest buried breast deep unable to move.
She heard two small voices yelling help, from what seemed like caverns, Toshio (10) and Yaeko (8).
She easily pulled Toshio out but had trouble with Yaeko becuase she was buried deep.
Ch. 2
The family began vomitting.
She ripped the white noticable shirts off the kids and hid under an umbrella as it began to rain.
They tried to eat pumpkin but couldnt keep it down.
Ch. 3
Ch. 1
She lives in a section called Nobori-cho.
Has a habit of doing what she is told.
She has 3 children.
She heard everyone was suppose to go to designated safe areas at 12 a.m.
Walk her children to the military area known as East Parade Ground.
Ch. 1
The children woke up and ate peanuts, and told them to go back to sleep.
She was watching her neighbor tear down his house, as she was watching she saw a flash of white, "whiter than any white she has ever seen".
when the bomb dropped
She was watching her neighbor through the kitchen window.
She is a tailors widow, her husbands name was Isawa, he served in the army and died on February 15, 1942, he was a corporal.
Ch. 1
The children slept until 2.
They were awaken by planes and so they went home.
Nakamura woke up at 7a.m. because she heard a siren.
She was told to remain in her house by her neighbor.
Set rice to cook and read the newspaper.
The all clear sounded at 8 a.m.
She had one step toward her children before something flung her into another room.
She was buried by debris and heard her youngest yelling who was covered in debris also.
At this moment she couldn't see or hear her other children.
Toshio sees a friend coming in a boat, he asks if they are ok?, his friend Sato says his sisters are vomiting.
They went to the Chapel of Novitiate, where they got their cuts cleaned and were given blankets and a mosquito net.
They were offered food, Mrs. Nakumara and Myeko had no apetite, the other two ate and threw up.
Mrs. Hatsuyo Nakamura
Ch. 3
August 12, the Nakumara family went to a nearby town(Kabe), and moved in with her sister-in-law, and they all are still very sick.
Mrs. Nakamura was so sick she could hardly walk but she went back to Hiroshima to find out all her family have died.
She returned to ill and depressed to speak.
Auguest 15th she returned to Hiroshima to get rice she buried and ran into her sister, who told her the war was over.
Ch. 2
She got a bundle of clothes on the kids and stood in the road.
Mrs. Hataya asked if she wanted to run to the Asano Park, and evacuation place, and they went.
They were the first few people to arrive, in which the settled in the bamboo grove near the river.
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