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The job that I would really like to do in the future.

Madeleine Lewis

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Acting

Acting madeleine Lewis
P. 4 There are many responsibilities that an actress has to carry out. A couple examples are they have to make sure they memorize their lines correctly. Sometimes the actress will spend a lot of time getting into their character in order to perform well. They also have to show up on time for meetings about the script, shooting times, rehearsals, etc. A college that offers schooling in acting is The Art Institutes located in Tampa, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Jacksonville. Another college that offers fine arts classes is the International Academy of Design and Technology located in Tampa and Orlando. No education is required though. Animated movies are computer generated. Majority of the equipment used has to do with technology such as microphones, voice recorders, computers, special softwares, headphones and so on. I think that they will definitely improve the different equipment in the future. The salary a person in this position can make varies tremendously. First of all you get paid by the job. Local actress' can earn as much as $91,250 a year for doing commercials. People that work in the shows at theme parks make approximately $36,500 a year. The highest paid actress makes about $30 million a year. Possible customers of this business could be the people that purchase the movies or TV series to watch. B2B might occur in this field if an acting set needs better or more equipment. They could also call different agencies looking for actress'. Working in teams is very important because you are constantly surrounded by co-workers. It isn't mandatory to get along with them but it would make your job and going to work a lot easier. Actress' don't really deal with customers but when they are dealing with fans, idealy they should be kind and respectful. I think that this job will stay the same since it has been around for so long. Even when the economy is bad, people still enjoy going to the movies or watching TV, causing actress' to still be needed. Traditionally the highest demand is Hollywood, California, but new trends lean toward Western Canada and possibly India (Bollywood). Math is not used in acting unless you make a lot of money and hire a financial advisor. Problems that would occur are unemployment and changes in popularity. THE END
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