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Monarchy in Ancient Athens

No description

Ava Johnson

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Monarchy in Ancient Athens

Government in Ancient Athens Monarchy Monarchy is when an area is ruled by a king.
Instead of a group of rulers, or voting like in a democracy, everyone looks up to the one leader and follows their every order. The ruler is usually royal from family, born out of a long line of kings and queens. Oligarchy Oligarchy is when an area is ruled by a small group. These groups could be distinguished by royalty, wealth, family ties, or even education. Often times theses city states can be ruled by more than one group, that passes their ideals and reasoning on to the next generation. Democracy Democracy is when an area is ruled by the citizens. The citizens would vote in an assembly on topics like laws. One City-State that experimented for a while with democracy was Athens. They began working with democracy in 510 B.C. Each year, 500 names would be drawn for service in the group of law makers, and they would not have a choice but to fufill their duty to the city. But decisions were not all up to these chosen people. All Citizens were expected to vote on issues, although only Greek men were considered citizens. Women, children, and slaves were not. 3 Ancient Athens Ancient Athens was one of the City-States in Greece. It was one of the few that actually practiced Democracy, but it took many years of trial and error for them to find an effective way to control this form of government. They went through all these forms of government, Monarchy, Oligarchy, Aristocracy, and Tyranny. Aristocracy Aristocracy is when a group of the most well suited individuals, or the most famous are appointed to rule. Basically being ruled by a privileged upper class, considered the best in the kingdom. This could consist of the minority, or the group that is considered the most intellectual and apt to rule the area well. Tyranny Tyranny is when someone creates power by getting the poor, or the majority of a population to help him. When an area is ruled by a tyrant, they usually do not support the religion and just want more power. Tyranny usually develops from oligarchy, when one of the rich men chosen to help rule with the group rises up above the others with the help of the poor.
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