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Greater Ottawa County United Way's Speaker's Bureau Training 2016

Partner Agencies develop a 4 minute campaign presentation

Liz DeLaLuz

on 29 August 2016

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Transcript of Greater Ottawa County United Way's Speaker's Bureau Training 2016

2016 United Way Speakers Bureau Training
Welcome and Introductions
Today's objective is to.....
Develop a LIVE UNITED presentation that speaks to the heart.
Our purpose is to......
Agency Speaker Request Process
IF the agency speaker is AVAILABLE, they should respond to Amanda's email.
Step Three: Confirmation Sent
Amanda will send a confirmation to the Account Manager and Assigned Agency Speaker
Presentation Basics
Who's up first???
Use United Way key phrases.
Be Brief
Uh-Oh, You are alone
Provide campaign presentations upon request
Have a ready made speech in your back pocket
Step One:
The Account Manager sends the request to Amanda, in the following format:
Employee Campaign Coordinator makes a request for a presentation to the Account Manager.
Step Two:
Amanda will send out the request to all approved agency speakers.
We ask that you to be at least 10 minutes early.
Live United - Give, Advocate, Volunteer
Helping people to achieve their full human potential.
Building blocks for a better life.
Be upbeat and
Project your voice
Close by tying United Way to all community partners.
What happens when your counterpart is missing?
Questions and Answers
Break Out Groups
Thank You for Helping Us LIVE UNITED!!
Company Name
Presentation date, time, and location
Special notes ie...about audience or where to meet before the presentation
ECC or other representative's name and a number
If the Account Manager is missing...
United Way would like you (the Agency Speaker to be the closer).
You could say something like:
"If you have given in the past, thank you, we ask you to consider increasing your gift. If you haven't please consider being an everyday hero by giving a dollar a week.
If the Agency Speaker is missing....
United Way would like you to share your experience.
If you have served on a community investment panel, share.
If you have participated in Day of Caring, share.
Otherwise, share an agency story.
Be Early
Be organized
Be Thankful
Don't forget
the Closing
Ex: United Way brings all program partners together to work to make out community a better place to live.
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