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New Zealand

No description

Scureac Cristian

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of New Zealand

English: spoken by 95.9% of the population
Māori: spoken by 4.2%
NZ Sign Language: spoken by 0.5% and declared official language in 2006
New Zealand
Presented by
Scureac Cristian
The currency: New Zealand dollar
Political System
Constitution Monarchy
New Zealand
Basic Information
Sir Edmund Hillary
The first person to climb Mount Everest
Capital: Wellington
Largest city: Auckland
Largest river: Waikato 425 km
Flag: became national in 1902
New Zealand is an island country with a population of aprox. 4.5 million and it's situated in the southwestern Pacific Ocean
Dialects differences
Official languages:
1 NZ Dollar = 0.60 Euro
Market Economy that is heavily dependent on international trade
Focused on tourism and primary industries such as agriculture
Most business friendly country in the world
Unemployment rate: 6.6%
Māori cuisine: cooked their food in earth ovens called "hāngi"
1100 AD : The Polynesians
discover New Zealand
The Polynesians establish a Maori culture
1642: Dutch settler Abel Tasman
arrives in New Zealand
1760: British explorer James Cook rediscovers New Zealand
1939: Great Britain sends Captain William
Hobson to claim sovereignty over the Maori
1840: Treaty of Waitangi signed and established a political agreement between the Maori and British Crown
Numerous wars occur fallowing the Treaty, due to the heavy migration
1846: New Zealand Constitution Act passed by Governor Sir George Gray
September 26, 1907: King Edward VII proclaims New Zealand a self-governing dominion
1952: Queen Elizabeth is appointed as the Queen of New Zealand
New Zealand team wins
2011 Rugby World Cup
Their famous Maori dance
Ernest Rutherford
The father of Nuclear Physics
Won Nobel prize in Chemistry
Democratic Parliament
Elizabeth II : Queen of New Zealand and the head of state
18+ to vote
Religion Ethnic groups
Christianity: 55,5%
No religion: 34,7%
Other religion: 4%
European: 67%
Maori: 15%
Asian: 10%
Pacific people: 7%
Middle eastern, Latin American, African: 1%
Why should you visit New Zealand
Do not smoke
Do not overstay your welcome
Do not tip.
Do not eat food until it has been blessed by Maori
Watch out for cars
Do not wrap your gifts in red
Do not touch the head and hair of the others
Shake hands& Keep eye contact
Dress conservatively and formally for business occasions
B.Y.O.B if you are invited to a barbeque
Keep hands above the table
Understand the word "kiwi"
Hofstede index scale
Education system
Primary and secondary: compulsory for children aged 6 to 16.
New Zealand education system
: 7th in the world
Famous people
Russel Crowe
Movie actor: played in Gladiator, Robin Hood, A Beautiful Mind
Peter Jackson
Lord of the Rings
Thank you for your attention
1. Quick quiz
2. Basic information
3. Languages
4. Economy
5. Food
6. History
7. Achievements
8. Political system
9. Religion
10. Major problems
11. Dos/ Don'ts
12. Hofstede index scale
13. Education system
14. Famous people

Quick quiz
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