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The city as a commons

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fci1 fci1

on 8 August 2015

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Transcript of The city as a commons

Christian Iaione

The city as a collaborative commons
Urban commons
local resources in which urban residents have a common stake
Why do we need public collaboration?
aren't they public goods?
The Collaborative/Polycentric
Governance of the commons
scale is important, the larger the resource the more likely it is to be complex
because it works and it's fun!
non rival in consumption
non excludable in access to and enjoyment of their benefits
Public, private, civil society organizations, knowledge institutions and citizens should work together to produce, take care of or regenerate the commons
morphology of a collaborative government
Risks and costs
public - private - [civic/commons/citizens/community/civil society] partnerships (PPCPs)
institutionalised PPCs
covenant PPCs
distributed PPCPs
changing individual behaviors
economic development
Trigger of the tragedy
significant decline of local government control and oversight
various actors (e.g. pedestrians, criminals, park users) might be tempted to use or consume the common resource in ways that degrade the value or attractiveness of the resource
local governance
strategies spectrum
private property rights
government management
Lin's option
self-organized cooperative
resource management regimes and ... nested enterprises
enabling collective action
park conservancies
cultural heritage
community gardening
foot patrols
energy and building
food, waste and water
scaling-up of cooperative mgmt
distributional issues, some urban commons are more "bankable" than others
ossification when these groups become deeply attached
supplementing/not supplanting
lowering transaction costs
nudge, assist, support, coordinate, educate, communicate, monitor,
conflict resolution
The Collaborative/Policentric Governance of the commons : a 4th option?
regulatory frameworks based on a polycentric/nudging approach in protecting the urban commons
Models of public collaboration
Bologna Regulation
-the process
-urban commons
-political economy (urban regeneration, social innovation, urban creativity, digital innovation)
-co-design method
-incentives, communication and evaluation
-liabilities and monitoring

-the process: call for a ideas; ideas camp; governance camp

-public consultation
A quintuple helix commons governance scheme
A quintuple helix commons governance scheme
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