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Body Language

No description

Jasmine Chew

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of Body Language

Why should you be conscious of your body language during interviews?
An interviewer can :
Decode body language
Study response
Tell personality

So what should you do?
Sitting posture
Arm placement
Hand movements
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Body Language
Able to
to basic body gestures
body gestures better
Why is body language

Do you want to know
if someone
in you?
Do you want people to think
of you just by your presence?
Do you want to
without saying anything?
(Mehrabian, 1971)
Action speaks louder than words.
3 Different Contexts of
Body Language
Daily Interactions
How to improve body language in
interpersonal communication?
Open Posture
Uncross your legs and arms
Keep legs and arms relaxed
Small, open hand gestures
Upright Posture
Eye Contact
Maintain eye contact
Avoid staring
Make it natural and welcoming
Avoid slouching or leaning against the walls
Avoid standing stiffly
Spatial Awareness
Avoid standing too close
Face entire group rather than one person
How to know if
someone is interested
in you?
The direction of their feet.
Body Language in Interviews
Ms. Joanne Wong Yoot San
Tutorial 9
Chew Yee Fung 14003206
Leong Wei-Zhun 12074399
Chang Mei Xin 14073928

body facing audience
use a power pose
influenced by how they feel about you than what you say
non verbal cues leads to lack of respect or interest
Eye contact
maintain eye contacts, avoid reading or looking at the floor.
best way to convey sincerity
with individual for brief moment.

Workplace Communication
Body language can help achieve
effective communication
People believe your body language more than what you are saying.
your body language to ensure the right message is sent across.

certain nonverbal cues leads to lack of respect and interest
body facing audience
use a power pose
Eye contact
avoid reading or looking at the floor
maintain eye contact
look at each individual for brief moment

Body Movement


avoid looking shabby and messy
professional look
How to Improve Workplace Communication?
avoid clicking pen repeatedly
avoid shaking legs
use hands to improve speech
speak tighter sentence

How to improve negotiation skills?
Perfect handshake

Be aware of
Facial Expression
avoid frowning
smile and nod
chin up
firm and strong
The End.
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