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CMO Report

No description

Sarah A

on 4 May 2015

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Transcript of CMO Report

Activities and Initiatives
Who is CMO?
Road Map
1. Accomplishments
2. Innovation & Collaboration
3. Employee Development
4. Key Result Indicators
5. DirectionFinder Results
6. Challenges & Opportunities
City Manager's Office
Key Result Indicators

Setting the standard
for excellence in public service

To provide responsible, efficient leadership for the City organization, and to serve the City Council and citizens of Olathe.
Accomplishments in 2014
Community Center
Park Sales Tax
Hotel Conference Center
AAA Gold Award for Traffic Safety
Street Sales Tax
Deployment of New
Police Mobile Command Center
Hired Part-Time Wellbeing Coordinator
Hired Community Relations Manager
Revised Benefit District Policy
Updated Unified Development Ordinance
Hired City's First Security Analyst
Upgraded Mobile Component of
OlatheConnect Citizen Request System
Established Quarterly DirectionFinder
Citizen Satisfaction Surveys
CNG Trucks
Fire Station #2 Contract
Neighborhood Assessment Program Analytics
Clearpoint data analysis
PC replacement catalog
Michael Wilkes: Chair of Alliance for Innovation
Susan Sherman received ICMA
Award for Career Development
opened 127th street
CIP project map
mahaffie agricultural heritage barn
"NextDoor" improves
local preference
transportation master plan
trash app awards
fire launched
mobile integrated healthcare
blue card command
training center
digital cities award
pw system development fee
renew ATT franchise
awards for big data
Santa Fe Streetscape
human signs
75% citizen satisfaction
with value received for tax dollars
& Collaboration
Civic Center Park
reducing water loss
economic development
MSN Top 10
MyLife: 6th Safest City
Thank you!
Challenges &
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