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Service Learning in Seville with the University of Kentucky

Join us this summer in Seville: June 16-July 14. Led by Dr. Ruth Brown from the University of Kentucky Department of Hispanic Studies, this trip is open to undergraduate students from any institution. For more information visit http://bit.ly/Hup1i7

Ruth Brown

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of Service Learning in Seville with the University of Kentucky

Service Learning in Seville:
Andalucía, España
Department of Hispanic Studies & UK Education Abroad
Summer II
June 16-July 14
Getting to know the Spanish people through service Learning with the University of Kentucky
Seville City View

Two mansions in the heart of Seville
Modern Facilities
Patios and study rooms
Internet access

The Center in Seville

Moorish palaces
Renaissance gardens
Flower-decked patios
Paintings and statues
Siesta, tortillas and…

The City of Seville

Our Location

Centrally located in historic building
Classrooms with digital media capabilites
On-site staff and tenured professors
Strong network of local homestay families
Well established connections within the local community for service learning

All students live with a local Spanish family.

All meals and weekly laundry included

Double occupancy

Housing in Seville

the Spanish way of life!

Traditional Spanish Culture
Cádiz coast
SPA 300: Contact Zones
you'll earn 3 credit hours (+1 credit hour from Education Abroad)
Discuss and think critically about the concept of contact zones
Examine historical and contemporary zones of cultural, linguistic, and religious contact in Spain
Identify issues of cultural competency that impact access to and the provision of services in Spain; propose and evaluate possible solutions to these issues
approx. 90 minutes per day of service learning
Options for reflection:
Video diary
Group reflection
1.5 hours of class about 4 days per week
Short stories
News reports
Guest lectures
Great Mosque


Excursions to:
Córdoba, Granada, Cádiz coast
Local Study visits in Seville
Flamenco Show

2013 is our third year partnering with
On 2 of the weekends we will take group excursions throughout Andalusia. The cost of these trips is included in your program fee.
Cádiz Coast: Gilbraltar
Cádiz coast:

Group excursions as all-inclusive (transportation, room, meals)
Guided study tours of important historical sites
Visits to non-profit social service and cultural organizations where we will learn about cultural competency and contemporary contact zones first hand

Baelo Claudia roman ruins
Travel with UK students and faculty
Bring your studies to life
Experience the language and culture of Spain
For more information...
UK Department of Hispanic Studies
UK Education Abroad
Dr. Ruth Brown, Program Director
application deadline

March 1st
Service Learning in Seville
Open to all students with a Spanish language proficiency at the 202/203 level or above
Opportunities: health care, education, business, cultural centers, etc.
We'll find you a placement site that is specific to your interests!
You'll complete reflection activities to document and analyze your experience
You will have 2 free weekends - stay in Seville or venture out and explore Spain on your own or in a small group of students!*
*Homestays and food in Seville are included on these weekends, extra travel will be at cost to you.
Dr. Ruth Brown, director
What's a contact zone?
A place where cultural, language, religion, and personal experience come together and forge a new, unique, cultural experience.
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