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The Lovely Bones - Susie Salmon Characterization

including: direct and indirect presentation, figurative language and resemble person

Cardia Poon

on 31 July 2013

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Transcript of The Lovely Bones - Susie Salmon Characterization

She is also a dynamic character because as the story goes, she changes and grows more mature and thoughtful. Once she died and arrived to the heaven, she just couldn’t give up the lives on Earth. As years of observation passed, she could gradually leave her loved ones behind like the Salmon family do. Susie realized that even she went to the heaven, she would always remain in the ones’ hearts who loved her.
Direct presentation is what the writer tells readers directly about what kind of personality the character is rather than showing their personality through events, analysis which let the readers can easily understand about certain character.
“What is it? I asked. I was no longer cold or weirded out by the look he had given me. I was likt science class: I was curious. (Sebold 5)”

One day when Susie was walking home through shortcut, she saw Mr. Harvey and they started their conversation. Later, Mr. Harvey invited her to visit the place he made. Though Susie rejected at first, her curiosity defeated the rules her mother, Abigail had set her which was arrived home before dark. The curiosity and being incognizant actually caused her death indirectly.
“My name was Salmon, like the fish; first name, Susie. I was fourteen when I was murdered on December 6, 1973. (Sebold 1)”

At the beginning of the novel, this quote simply brings out what will be happening in the following of the novel. It seems like normal and simply, however, it reveals Susie had accepted her death. The story travels time in eight years. She gave up the life on Earth finally so she didn't struggle inbetween(between earth and heaven) anymore.
The Lovely Bones
Susie Salmon Characterization
Type of Character
Dynamic Character
Direction Presentation
Direct Presentation
Indirect Presentation
Indirect Presentation
Susie Salmon
Susie Salmon is the protagonist and narrator of this novel. She was raped and murdered by her neighbor - Mr. Harvey who kills girls and women before, one day she came home from school. She then tells the story by using first person point of view of what she saw from the heaven down to the earth and her life in the heaven. At first, she was not willing to give up the life on Earth and wanted to take revenge on Mr. Harvey. She tried her best to give hints to her sister and father to find out evidence of the murderer. At the end of the novel, Susie learned to let everything on Earth and get ready to new life in the heaven through the eight years of observation.
Round Character
Susie is a round character since the novel is following her line of life. We knows about her family and her life in heaven. She was a character well developed in the novel with characters of caring, passionate and curious. She describes the transformation of her family once they’ve been told the bad news and what other things happened both in the heaven and on the Earth.
“ I had never even let myself yearn for Buckley, afraid he might see my image in a mirror or a bottle cap. Like everyone else I was trying to protect him. (Sebold 85)”

Since Buckley was still very little when Susie died, obviously she wanted to protect him from any pain and heart breaking from the news that his sister had murdered. All the things she could do in the heaven was stopped thinking about Buckley as her face might appear in a mirror or a bottle cap that can reflect images.
Indirect presentation is the author shows what kind of personality the character contains through actions and thoughts which allow the readers to create their own inference to the character.
“I put Buckley in the back and grabbed the keys from the unused terra-cotta pots where my father hid them. I sped all the way to the hospital. I turned out the emergency break, but no one seemed to care. (Sebold 88)"

This quote reveals how emergency for Susie to save her brother without too much thinking. When one day Buckley (3-year-old) played with his friend Nate, he had swallowed a twig. Susie then drove all the way to the hospital. That was her first time driving a car and she broke the emergency brake. The doctor informed that if she waited for another minute, Buckley would had died. This completely proved that Susie loved and cared Buckley very much. She would do everything like drive illegally aimed to save his life.
In chapter one, when Susie was informing the readers how she died. A foreshadowing occurred when Susie was wondering why Mr. Harvey could call out her name. She then followed him to his dollhouse by Mr. Harvey's invitation and further foreshadowing the dangerous situation she was in.
It is a literacy device used quiet often in the novel when Susie recalled her memories with the days before she died, for instance, when she claimed her death, when Susie introduced Ruth that Ruth was blamed by the teacher since she drew naked women and the accident happened on Buckley.
Susie’s mother, Abigail had beautiful blue eyes. Jack, Susie’s father described them as “oceans” and metaphor is used that Susie later realized actually her eyes were bottomless that nobody could fully understand Abigail.
Figurative Language
Resemble Person
On December‭ ‬16th,‭ ‬2012,‭ ‬a young,‭ ‬female medical student was raped by six men and then thrown out of the car’s window naked with her friend in New Delhi,‭ ‬India.‭ This girl was died from her serious injures eventually thirteen hours later. Although her body wasn’t cut off into pieces, she was horribly thrown out of the window by those rapers.
Obviously, we won’t know if she went to the heaven but definitely both girls were experiencing tragedy in their lives which further brings unpredictable pain to their families and friends.
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