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Arcade Games

No description

Amaan Khan

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Arcade Games

Arcade Games What are arcade machines? Arcade games are machines which allow you to play a game on it. usually you have to put a certain amount of coins in the machine to be able to play. Where can they be found? Arcades can be found in places such as: Airports, Amusement parks and pubs. The owner of the arcade collects the coins that have been inserted in the machine therefore it makes money for the owners. However they are very expensive to purchase. on average they are around £2000 for the standard ones with the better ones coming at a higher price around 5000. When were arcades introduced? The first electro-mechanical arcade game was created in 1966 by Sega. In 1967 Taito created the second arcade game which was a soccer game. Popularity Arcades were the most popular in the 1990's. Today arcades are known to be retro as gaming has improved greatly. The most popular arcade games were: Street fighter, Mario, Pacman, Space Invaders. The most notable companies which made arcade games were Sega and Namco. Video Game Consoles What is a video game console? A video game console is an interactive computer made for entertainment. There are currently 6 different generations of consoles with the newer generation consoles being the most high tech. Sony PlayStation 3 Microsoft Xbox 360 Nintendo Wii The Nintendo Wii was released in 2006.
*512MB internal memory
*Miis (create a interactive cartoon version of yourself)
*Control games physically by moving the control pads around
*Additional memory can be added by purchasing a memory card.
*Wi-Fi connectivity
*USB ports
*Internet browser
*Ethernet port The Playstation 3 was released in the UK in 2007.
*There are different models which vary between storage space
*Wi-Fi connectivity
*Bluetooth connectivity
*USB ports
*Internet browser
*Controlled by wireless joypad
*Ethernet port The Xbox 360 was released in 2005.
*Storage space varies on model
*Wireless controllers
*Internet browser
*USB ports
*Ethernet port Personal Computers The first computer The first electrical computers were made in the 1940's in England and America however it was massive compared to today's computers and also required a lot of power to run. Since then computers are now significantly smaller and efficient. In todays age computers are used for many different uses such as: internet browsing, writing notes, watching films, and gaming. Some computers are specialized for gaming with features and higher-end hardware and specifications which a normal computer would not have. For example they have quicker processor speeds to ensure games run smoothly with no lags. Gaming accessories can also be bought such as joypads and so on. Mobile Gaming There are quite a few different portable consoles around these days, the main ones being a PSP and Nintendo DS. They are quite different to consoles such as PS3 and Xbox as they are portable and games can be played on the go. PSP The PSP (portable PlayStation) is made by Sony and has a memory card slot for additional memory. Game cartridges are put in and scanned with a lazer however games can also be downloaded and saved on the storage space. The PSP also has Wi-Fi connectivity and is operated by the buttons on it. Nintendo DS The Nintendo DS has 2 screens and one of them are touchscreen. You can operate the Nintendo by either using the touchscreen or pressing the buttons on the device. Game cartridges are inserted when you want to play a game however games can also be downloaded onto the storage space. The Nintendo DS also has Wi-Fi Connectivity as well as a camera. iPod Touch The iPod Touch is made by apple and has more features then just playing games. The iPod is touchscreen only and no additional storage can be added. Games are downloaded from the appstore and saved on the internal storage space. Televisions T.VS (Televisions) are for entertainment. When the first televisions were created they were black and white and you could only watch programs on them. Today, many televisions are interactive and have many different features on them such as playing games or even browsing the internet. Consoles have been around for many years. The first console that could be connected to a TV was made in 1972 and is called a Magnavox Odyssey. They then released a higher end version called the Odyssey 100 then later followed with the Odyssey 200 Sega created the Dreamcast in the late 90's. It was one of the first consoles to have online fuctionality. It consisted of the console, power cable, cable to connect it to the TV, a controller and a optional Visual Memory Unit. In 2000 Sony released the PlayStation 2. It had competition as Microsoft released a similar console in 2001. The controllers were wired and the graphics were not as good as the PS3 and Xbox 360. The PS2 was the first video game console which was capable of playing DVDs. In 2004 Sony released a slimmer sleeker version of the PS2. Sony released the PlayStation 1 in 1994 and sold over 100 million units. in 2000 a smaller version was released of the PS1. Like the PS2 the PS1 consists of the console, controller, power lead, cable to connect to the TV and also a optional memory card. In 1969 the internet was created. The first consumer computers available for purchase for personal reasons was released in 1974. Games on an interactive TV are controlled with the normal remote control for that TV. Interactive TVs are different to normal TVs as they have many features such as being able to record programs, pause a live program, play from a large variety of games and check the news. More interactive features can be found in the on screen interactive menu. The manufacturers of these devices have incorporated many features into their devices to enhance game play on them. Apple have given there new devices a Retina screen which is a higher quality screen, this makes games look even better on the device. To give a better experience when playing games manufacturers have: increased the screen size for a better experience, giving their devices a better processor so it is able to run big games smoothly, all devices have built in speakers so you can hear the game sounds, some devices have online capability to play games online competitivly and a few devices also have motion sensors which can be used during the game to make games more fun. In the first games which were on PCs you would play the game by entering in a command on your keyboard and most games were text adventures. In the 80's computers were then powerful enough to run games with proper visuals. A famous example of this is Frogger. From here games began to develop and were getting very popular. The controls also started adopting to the mouse as well as the keyboard to control games.
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