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E-marketing plan

No description

TszNga Chan

on 26 April 2014

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Transcript of E-marketing plan

E-marketing plan
a series of
e-marketing strategies

PR effort that help enhancing the
e-marketing plans.
To have 5% sales increase in a year.

To have 50% of target audience acknowledging the online shopping website and phone app.

To gather 1000 registered users for the online shopping website in a year.

To gather 500 registered users for the phone app in a year.

To get 10,000 “Likes” of Facebook fan page in a year.

Product Variety:
History & Key Facts
Target segment:
E-marketing tools
None for Hong Kong
1984: Founded by a couple in LA, US, firstly named as Fashion 21
2003: Online shopping website was developed
2012: The 1st store in Hong Kong opened at Causeway Bay. It is also the only store up to now
Retail store (Causeway Bay)
Maintaining and updating online shopping website, social media pages & phone app.
Environmental Analysis
Narrow customer base
The rising popularity of fashion industry
Trend drifted to Korean fashion
Distribution (Place)

Women, Men & Girls'
clothes, shoes & accessories
Distribution (Place)
Research & Consumer Behaviour
Broadband penetration
Brand positioning
Gender: women;
Age: 18-28;
Income level: Lower to Middle
Geographic: Wan Chai District
Segmentation & Positioning
Fashionable design with affordable price
Low price
Tops: From $20; Dresses: From $40
Denim: From $60; Jackets: From $110
Bags: From $100; Shoes: From $60
Accessories: From $10

Online shopping website
Phone app
Long term
One-off offers
Online coupons for purchase in retail store
Online promotion code for purchasing online
After tracking online consumer behavior, send user specific promotional offer to them.
Less challenging management since only 1 store in present
Low price
International business
Short history in HK
Few distribution channels
Weak in managing customer relationship
New distribution channel: phone app
Aging population in HK
Implementation Plans
Online Shopping Website
company information
product catalog
latest promotion news
store location & contact us
register account by connecting Facebook account or e-mail
shopping order (with track order & delivery function)
”sort by” function e.g. category, color, style, price
product photos & descriptions
message board under each product to allow user asking question.
e-gift card with registered account
Shopping Function
Basic Information
Maintaining and updating online shopping website, social media pages & phone app.
A separate channel for the HK store
Videos promoting marketing and PR events of Forever 21 HK.
The YouTube channel developed by the head store
Snapshot of products
Latest co. and promotion news
Other sharing related to fashion
Activities and games

Social Media
To answer questions from online store
Get in touch with customers more directly
Connect to target audiences for tailored marketing
Shopping on app
The components are similar to the online shopping website
Phone apps
Activity: Forever Style Competition
1. Match the clothes, shoes, accessories etc. from
Forever 21 and take snapshots of the outfits.
2. Upload the snapshots to the Facebook event
created on Forever 21's Facebook fan page
3. Share and gather "likes"
4. Prizes will be given to winners
-> Item of limited edition or designed by
popular designer/ celebrities.
-> Coupons for purchasing in store/ online
Game: Everyday Lucky Draw
Game: Everyday Lucky Draw
Effectiveness of tools
Sales figures
no. of registration
no. of "Like"
Network analysis
Node= user, edge=interaction
Interaction b/w users & fan page
Interaction among users
Data available: Likes, comment, relationship, demographics
Track users behavior and develop more specific strategies.
Users that have more ties with other users:
=> Provide bulk purchase discount for them since they are more likely to be able to call for others to buy things together so as to enjoy the promotional benefit.
Users that are significant in a significant group
=> "Big fish in a big pond"
=> Invite them to events and share their experiences or feelings with the brand.
=> "Word-of-mouth" effect since they may serve as opinion leaders.
Latest news about promotion & fashion
Include celebrities who like the brand
=>sponsor their clothes
=>report the event which they wear the clothes to attend with photos or videos.
Involve fashion bloggers who have positive perception to the brand.
Allow more collaborative opportunities and "word-of-mouth"

no. of connected users
no. of enquiry
Average time needed to respond
Survey: whether users are satisfied with the service
no. of subscription
no. of view of videos produced by Forever 21 HK
no. of "Likes"
no. of subscription
no. comments
Sponsor search
Expanding ad on Yahoo! homepage
Banner ad tailors to internet users with particular behaviours e.g. frequently browse or search for fashion websites.
Donate inferior goods from factory or in stores to charities.
Donate part of the sales for customers purchasing specific products.
Take advantage of international business
Cross-country activities e.g. collect cloths from different countries and seal into a huge blanket/ doll. May apply for World Record
Other PR effort
1 http://www.gov.hk/en/about/abouthk/factsheets/docs/telecommunications.pdf
2 http://www.internetworldstats.com/asia.htm
3 http://www.mediaresearchasia.com/view.php?type=press&id=3184
Ref 1
As in 2012
5.3 million internet users, 74.5% penetration
4.0 million Facebook users, 66.4% penetration
Ref 2
As in 2013
2.25 million registered fixed broadband users
85% households
Ref 3
Smartphone usage (as in 2013)
Consumer Behaviour
Connect to social media
e.g. Facebook, YouTube
Enjoy online shopping
Growing trend of online group purchase
Internet & Facebook penetration
Festival Specials
Maintaining and updating online shopping website, social media pages & phone app.
Women, Men & Girls'
clothes, shoes & accessories
Over 500 stores
North America, Asia, Europe, Australia
>25 countries/regions
Your virtual private fitting room.
No worries of buying wrong items!
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