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What was life like in boomtowns

No description

dj ramey

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of What was life like in boomtowns

What Was Life Like in Boom towns?
Boom towns were places formed over night around newly found deposits of either gold or silver in rivers or in the ground.
Boom towns were busy and lively places filled with diverse people trying to scrape a living off of gold and silver. The towns were often lawless and filled with groups called vigilantes.
Life in boom towns were harsh and rushed for people were constantly working and moving around to create a profit for themselves. Vigilantes could create pressure on other people living in the towns and often took matters into their own hands acting as a law enforcement group.
After all the gold and silver near the boom town was mined, people left to find other deposits of the minerals and abandoned the town. The settlement then became ghost towns.
By: Kristal, Erik, D.J., Nicki
The End
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