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Testing Takeover!

No description

Alison Dobrick

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Testing Takeover!

Testing Takeover!

Corporate $ & Influence
Education "Reform"
Corporate $ and Education
-Gates, Broad, Waltons
-Charters, choice, and closures
-Teach for America: 5 weeks of training

-Why do they want our schools?

-School closures and civil rights
Corporate $ and the
Common Core
Power to the People

What is to be Done?
How will YOU change the conversation on HIGH STAKES TESTING in our schools?

Continue the Conversation
US Govt. and Education
No Child Left Behind: Testing gr. 3-8; AYP

Race to the Top: Your state gets $ if it...
1. Adopts legislation that allows more charter schools to open
2. Adopts the Common Core State Standards
3. Establishes teacher evaluation
systems with VAM (Value
Added Measurement), aka tied to test scores
Dr. Alison Dobrick: dobricka@wpunj.edu
WPUNJ Diversity Conference 2014
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