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Wikipedia Usability Testing

Describes and discusses usability testing that was conducted as an assignment for Itec 825 at SFSU

Jozefa Stefaniak

on 3 February 2015

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Transcript of Wikipedia Usability Testing

Phase II
Isaac Cooper,
Jia You,
Jozefa Stefaniak
Liana Taylor
Lijie Zhou,
Samantha Black

Usability Testing:

Methodology and Rationale
Findings & Analysis
What are the benefits of the on boarding / wiki page for educators?
Test Elements
Pre-Test Survey

User Test
Post-Test Interview
Only 1 in 4 participants was able to locate the sample assignments

"Should be closer to the top. I mean that’s the first thing. To tell you the truth if I saw that link up there at the top, I would immediately click on that and not bother read all that drivel, because this is kind of wordy you know. And then I’d say forget it, I probably don’t need to read it. I found some ideas. I’m going to go ahead and create a course assignment."
Sample assignments were generally of good quality and engaged the participants giving all ideas how to use them in their class.

“Especially the illustration one was a great one. Soon as I see the illustration one I’m BOOM ready to go, how do I create it? So the samples are very important.”
1 ) Replace text heavy left side with a screencast/video explaining the six steps

2) Move sample assignments to the top of the page
3) Maintain consistent navigation throughout the site, allowing the user to jump back to the home page at any time
4) Make campus ambassador page easily sortable and include "institution" column

5) Provide simple method of contact with ambassador or clear instructions
Future tests should attempt to review ..
.. what confusion do users have regarding the wording used on the website.
.. how the organization of the website matches the course planning workflow of the user.
Implementation of these recommendations will result in higher satisfaction for Wikipedia Education Program website users.

Please let us know if you have any questions.
What is Usability Testing?
"Usability is a quality attribute that assesses
how easy user interfaces are to use. It also refers to
methods for improving ease-of-use during the design process."
Jakob Nielsen
Or to find out
"what the user thinks"
Since the web site has been built
already, our job was to find out
what the user thinks when using
the website.

We met with the client, Jami Mathewson, from
Wikipedia Education Program.
Jami is the US/Canada Education Program Associate for Wikipedia Foundation

The site targets educators who are interested to bring Wikipedia assignments into their classroom.
Meeting the client
Phase 1
Wikipedia Education Program
Bringing Wikipedia assignments into classrooms gives students the opportunity to be full members of a large and diverse knowledge community.
Students will have the opportunity to showcase their work on the Main Page, attracting many readers.
And, give students an opportunity to excel; the more effort they pour into Wikipedia, the more feedback they will get from the Wikipedia community.
Isaac Cooper,
Jozefa Stefaniak
Lijie Zhou,
Samantha Black
Report by Isaac Cooper
Report done by Jozefa Stefaniak
We had 4 participants in the study.
Their familiarity with the program will range from “no familiarity at all” to “basic familiarity.”

No familiarity: Never heard of the program
Basic familiarity: Heard of the program and accessed the website up to two times
Nor did we mention beforehand what the topic of the study was.
Although the Wikipedia Education Program targets educators from various subject areas, through our interview with the Program Manager we discovered that the program’s main focus is on university professors.
.. how users are asking for help on the website and if this matches the program's expectations.
Interface did not meet participant's expectations of what the content or functionality of the page should be.

“That was not the kind of interface I was expecting either. So I was expecting more of a chat type of interface. Like you get at a shopping site if you had a question.”
This Usability test was designed with focus on Wikipedia Education Program on-boarding page to address two fundamental questions.
How efficient ?

How usable?
What is Usability Testing
Meeting the client
Phase I of Usability Testing
Phase II of Usability Testing
Findings & Analysis
Jozefa Stefaniak
Jia You
Isaac Cooper
Jozefa Stefaniak
Liana Taylor
Liji Zhou
How learnable?
Team :
Wikipedia Education Program
On a scale of 1-6

1) How likely would you use Wikipedia in your course?

Pre-Test Mean: 2.75
Post-Test Mean: 3.75

3 out of 4 were more interested in using Wikipedia in their course after completing the study.

2) Was the information sufficient to start creating
your assignment?

Mean: 5

How satisfied?
6) Create a simple "Contact Us" page
By Liana Taylor
Jami's main concern was
For the educators to find needed information on the on-boarding page in order to create their Wikipedia assignments and course
Connect with a contact or an ambassador to assist them with the assignments
Contact Jami
Be able to contact her if they need further help
When using the Wikipedia Education Program for US.
Hierarchical analysis
We identified some general questions and analyzed the web site further
We analyzed according Jocob Nielsen "Ten Usability Heuristic"
Initial Formative Analysis
What type of information do we need to gather to provide recommendations for revision to improve the web site effectiveness and appeal?
Hierarchical Graph
Identified two Questions

How useful, effective and efficient is to use the on-boarding page?
How easy is to learn the page and follow the naming conventions?
How consistent and useful is the sidebar?
How well is the page designed to find information?
What is the user satisfaction?
One-on-one interview with an expert in the field of education

One-on-one evaluation with a researcher from UCSF.
Done by Lijie Zhou
Heuristic evaluation
We used the
design method since each of our participants performed all of the test modules (chapter 5, Method, Within-Subjects Design).
The pretest survey
The user test
The post-test interview
We asked the participants to complete a survey to give us general overview of his/her background.
First Impressions
The first thing we did was to have the tester take two minutes to explore the home page and give us general impressions.
You now would like to view how previous instructors have used the program in their classroom. Find those samples on the website and identify at least one assignment type you’d see yourself using in your class and explain why.
Task 1
Task 2
You now have a good general idea of what the program is about, but you’d like to inquire further about how to incorporate Wikipedia in your classroom. Identify at least two ways in which you can contact someone for assistance.
Done by Jozefa Stefaniak
Are the users/instructors
able to understand
the components of the web site
to easily find the information and take advantage of the benefits that the site offers?
One-on-One Interview with a Professor from Stanford University
Done by Isaac Cooper
What is the specific goal for our testing?

What are the sub-goals (objectives) we need to include in our testing?
Graph done by Samantha Black
Graph done by Samantha Black
Academic Focus
No Familiarity with the Product
Based on our Formative Evaluation, we discovered that not all subject areas may correspond well with the program.
With this information, we decided to focus on university-level professors in the humanities and high schools teachers who teach writing programs.
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