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7th Grade Franklin Middle School

No description

Jenn Smith

on 13 September 2017

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Transcript of 7th Grade Franklin Middle School

Coach Class
Class Expectations
What We Do in 7th Grade
Discipline Policy
Room 312M
Students can schedule time to meet with me during lunch time for coach class.
Discipline Policy
Statistics and Probability
Ratios and Proportions
The Number System
BCPSOne- Use for looking up grades, homework, tests, quizzes, and assignments

HMH- online textbook accessed through BCPSOne

Khan Academy- use to watch videos for extra help at home!
7th Grade Pre-Algebra
Franklin Middle School
Mrs. Smith
Coach Class
1st Infraction- Warning
2nd Infraction- Parent Contact and Student/Teacher Conference
3rd Infraction- Lunch Detention
Important Websites:
Area, Surface Area, Volume
Assigned each week
Students are given a homework sheet with approximately 10 problems.
Homework sheets are due by Friday.
Will be notified of upcoming tests/quizzes in class-usually a week in advance
Will be posted on BCPSOne
Major assessments (tests/quizzes) will make up about 1/3 of the students' grades.
Minor assessments (classwork and other assignments) will make up about 2/3 of the students' grades.
Students must show evidence of practice to be able to complete a redo on an eligible assignment.
Students must be prepared for every class!
Bring a binder/notebook
Agenda/ID Badge
We will create interactive notebooks in class.
Students are expected to adhere to class and school expectations.
4th Infraction- After School Detention

5th Infraction- Referral to grade level manager
Expressions, Equations,
and Inequalities
New Initiatives
Can students…
Read like a mathematician
Write like a mathematician
Speak like a mathematician
Think like a mathematician
Listen like a mathematician

Components of Literacy
Logical reasoning and argumentation
Problem solving
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