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English - procedural writing

Jessica Chan

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of How to have the BEST DAY EVER at CANADA'S WONDERLAND!

By: Jessica Chan 7S 10:32 am - 10:34 am 10:26 am - 10:28 The Drop Tower was formally know as the Drop Zone. 10:34 am - 10:38 am Leviathan is the tallest roller coaster in Canada's Wonderland
and the only roller coaster with an 80 degree drop. 10:41 am - 10:45 am Dragon Fire is a roller coaster with 4 loop-ti-loops Than, walk to Dragon Fire. How to have the
BEST DAY EVER at CANADA'S WONDERLAND! Have you ever wondered how to have the best day ever at Canada's Wonderland ? Well, your days of thinking are over! It time to start having FUN! Just simply follow these instruction to have the BEST TIME EVER. Pack these things before you leave your home and you are to be sure to have the best time ever! a light sweater
a swimming suit
a towel
goggles (optional)
extra t-shirt ,pants and under garments one back pack
a bottle of sunscreen a water bottle
2 drinks
a small snack a total of $100
(around $34 for a entry ticket)
$33.99 = exact price of a entry ticket
(around $40 for food and snacks)
(around $12 for locker at Splash Works)
($14 extra money in case of a emergency) a backpack a bottle of sunscreen a water bottle a small snack a jacket a swim suit a pair of goggle extra: t-shirt, pants and undergarments $33.99 for entry tickets $40 for food and snacks 2 drinks $16 extra money in case of an emergency a total of $100 How to get in the amusement parc ! Here is the list of roller coaster and water slides you will be attending. Behemoth
Backlot stunt coaster
Dragon fire
Drop tower
Flight Deck
Sky rider
Sled hammer
Swing of the century
The bat
Thunder run
Windseeker Roller Coaster Water slides Barracuda blaster
Black hole
Body blast
Pump house
Super soaker
The plunger
Timberwolf falls
Whirl winds
White water canyon Here are the restaurants you will be attending. Dairy Queen (Snack)
Alphorn Funnel Cakes (snack)
Waveside Pizza Pizza (Lunch)
Coasters (Diner) Step 1: 10:00 am _ 10:02 am
First walk to the ticket booth line at the right hand side and patiently wait in line for your turn.

Step 2: 10:02 am _ 10;05 am
Now will you are waiting, in you bag simply take out your wallet. Get out 33.99$ for your entry fee ticket.(Single day use / junior) Then return your wallet back into your backpack.

Step 3: 10:05 am - 10:07 am
When it is your turn at the ticket booth, use the 33.99$ to pay the cashier. Take the single day use junior ticket and recite.

Step 4: 10:07 am - 10:10 am
Next, exit from the ticket booth area, still holding your ticket and walk to the entrance on your lift side.

Step 5: 10:10 am - 10 :11 am
From all the gate way entrances, quickly pick the shortest line and start to proceed your way in.

Step 6: 10:11 am - 10:13 am
At your turn, take off your bag and open it. Show the bag to the security guard, so they can check inside.

step 7: 10:13 am - 10:15 am
When they have finished checking your bag, Put it back on and you are free to start exploring inside.

You are finally inside! Materials Remember to pack all these stuff in your backpack! Introduction Directions Tips
I suggest wearing comfortable running shoes because you will be walking a lot and the rides will need secure shoes so they won't fall off. 10:15 am - 10:19 am First,walk though International Street up to Thunder Run located at International Festival. 10:19 am -10:24 am Wait in line. When they open the gates to go in, deposit you bag in the shelf on the other side and sit in your cart. 10:24 am -10:26 am Go on the ride and have fun. Thunder Run is a ride in the beautiful mountain. Next, walk to The Bat located to your right hand side. 10:28 am - 10:32 am Wait in line. When they open the gates to go in, deposit you bag in the shelf on the other side and sit in your cart. Go on the ride and enjoy your twirling. The Bat is red with 2 loop-ti-loops. Now, walk to the Drop Tower which is in the Medieval Fair 10:38 am - 10:40 am Wait in line. When they open the gates to go in, deposit you bag on the floor underneath you and sit in your seat. 10:40 am - 10:41 am Enjoy you ride up and down. Walk to Leviathan at your left. 10:45 am - 10;55 am Wait in line. When they open the gates to go in, deposit you bag in the shelf on the other side and sit in your cart. 10:55 am - 11:00 am Have fun on your rapid ride. 11:00 am - 11:05 am 11:05 am - 11:09 am Wait in line. When they open the gates to go in, deposit you bag in the shelf on the other side and sit in your cart. 11:09 am - 11:11 am Enjoy your ride. 11:11 am - 11:13 am Now, quickly walk to Riptide located right next to you on your right hand side. 11:13 am - 11:16 am Wait in line. When they open the gates to go in, deposit your bag on the floor underneath your feet and sit at your seat. 11:16 am -11:18 am This is ride that will soak you but there is no need to change. The hot summer air will dry it out and the water will give you a nice cool chill. Riptide was originally named Cliffhanger, it was changed in 2007. 11:18 am - 11:25 am After this amazing ride, walk to Dairy Queen, located in International Street. 11:25 am - 11:30 am Wait in line and pick you flavor of your ice cream. Now that your done picking, get $3.50 out of your bag 11:30 am -11:32 am Now, pay the cashier $3.50 and wait for the cashier to get your ice cream.Your ice cream will be arriving shortly. 11:32 am - 11: 42 am Enjoy your yummy ice cream and start walking to WindSeeker located at Action Zone. 11:42 am - 11:47 am Once you have arrived at WindSeekeer,wait in line. When they open the gates to go in, deposit you bag on the floor and sit in your seat. 11:47 am - 11: 50 am Have your fun with your fly in the sky. WindSeeker is the second tallest roller coaster in Canada's Wonderland, it is only 5 feet shorter than Leviathan . Will you are up there, enjoy the view. 11:50 am - 11:57 am Walk over the bridge and across to the other side to Skyrider located right next to Splash Works. 11:57 am - 12:02 am Patiently, Wait in line. When they open the gates to go in, deposit you bag in the shelf on the other side, stand at your cart and buckle up. 12:02 am - 12:04 am Buckle securely because you will be standing for this ride. Skyrider is the first stand-up ride made in Canada's Wonderland 12:04 pm - 12:07 am Walk to the Washroom at Splash Works next to Whirlwinds. 12:07 pm - 12:10 pm Take out your swim suit and goggles if needed out of your bag; will waiting in line to go in a stall. 12:10 pm - 12:15 pm Go into washroom stall and change into your swim suit because it is time to get wet. 12:15 pm - 12:17 pm Put your clothes back in your back pack and get out your sunscreen to put on immediately. 12:20 pm - 12:23 pm After you have out your sunscreen on, start walking to Whirl Winds. 12:23 pm - 12:26 pm Wait in line to go on water slide. 12:17 pm -12:20 pm Then, pay $12 and a deposit of $3 to get a locker and key. Put your stuff in your locker and lock it with your key. Keep your key in a safe place. 12:26 pm - 12:27 pm Enjoy your first splash. Whirl Winds has 2 slides, pick the one you think will go faster. Then, walk to The Plunge at your right side. 12:27 pm - 12:30 pm 12:30 pm - 12:33 pm Wait in line. When they let you go, please take a seat at your floaty. 12:34 pm - 12:35 pm Enjoy your plunge at water. The Plunge can have single, double and three-seater rafters. Which side will you take ? 12:35 pm - 12:37 pm Start walking to Super Soaker. 12:37 pm - 12:40 pm Wait in line to go on water slide. 12:40 pm - 12:42 pm Get ready to get soaked. Super Soaker will plunge you into darkness than into an open air-fume slide. 12:42 pm - 12:45 pm Now, walk to Body blast. 12:45 pm - 12:48 pm Wait in line to go on this super cool water slide. 12:48 pm - 12:49 pm Get ready to for the twist and tuns on this ride. Body Blast is a cool rides with multiple twists and turns. Then, walk to The Pump House at your right side This is not a ride so just have fun and play. Enjoy your water fun. 2:00 pm - 2:02 pm The Pump House is a water playground. 12:49 pm -12:57 pm First, get your key out of your safe place. Then, stop by your locker to get one of your drink out of your bag. Also get $15 to pay for your lunch at your next stop. 12:57 am - 1:05 pm Once you have done getting your stuff lock, your locker and return key at your safe place. Start walking to Waveside Pizza Pizza, which is located at next to Black Hole. You have to walk across the bridge to get there. 1:05 pm -1:15 pm At Waveside Pizza Pizza, order your meal with the $15. Wait for the cashier to give you your food and find a empty table to sit down. 1:15 pm -2:00pm Enjoy your yummy yummy pizza and drink. Lunch Time! Waveside Pizza Pizza you can get“Hot and Fresh” pizza by the slice or as a whole pizza cut into 6 slices. If you want something healthy try the salad or the sandwich. 2;02 pm - 2;20 pm 2:20 pm- 2:22 pm Walk to the Black Hole water slide. 2:22 pm - 2:26 pm Now, wait in line for your turn on the ride. 2:26 pm - 2:27 pm Get ready for your ride of total darkness. Are you scared? The Black Hole is a four story high slide of total black. 2:27 pm - 2:37 pm Next, walk to White Water Canyon, which is obviously located at White Water Canyon. 2:37 pm - 2:40 pm Wait in line for your turn. 2:40 pm -2:47 pm On your turn, go on raft and hold on tightly. Beware in White Water Canyon are hidden geysers ever where, so get ready to get wet. 2:47 pm - 2:50pm Walk from White Water Canyon to Timberwolf Falls. 2:50 pm - 2:53 pm wait in line, till your turn. 2:50 pm - 2:55 pm Enjoy your ride. Timberwolf Falls was opened at 1998. If you have friends or family you can watch at the Observation Deck but watch you can still get wet. 2:55 pm -3:02 pm Walk to Barracuda Blaster at Splash Works, near the entrance $12 for locker fee at Splash Works 3:02 pm- 3:05 pm Now, wait in line for your turn. 3:05 pm - 3:06 pm Have fun and get ready to get flushed. Barracuda Blaster is like big toilet bowl. First, you slide down a pipe-fume .Then, you get twirled in a giant whirling bowl. 3:06 pm - 3:08 Walk to the washroom near the entrance, take out your key from the safe place. 3:08 pm - 3:10 Next, unlock your locker and get your bag out. Take out your towel and clothing. 3:10 pm - 3:17 pm Go into the washroom, dry yourself up with the towel. Change back into your clothing. 3:17 pm -3:18 pm Put your swimsuit and towel in your bag. a towel 3:18 pm - 3:20 pm Return the key to the the rental place and get your deposit of $3. 3:20 pm - 3:22 pm Then, get your water bottle out of your bag and that a drink. Afterward, return the water bottle in your bag. 3:22 pm - 3:30 pm Start walking to the Swing Of The Century located at Action Zone. 3:30 pm -3:33 pm Once you have arrived at Swing Of The Century wait in line. When ready deposit your bag at your feet on the ground. 3:33 pm - 3:35 pm Enjoy your "swing of the century''. 3:35 pm - 3:38 pm Walk to Flight Deck. 3:38 pm -3:42 pm Wait in line. When they open the gates to go in, deposit you bag in the shelf on the other side and sit in your cart. 3:42 pm - 3:44 pm Have fun on the ride. The Flight Deck was originally named as “Top Gun” and was themed after the movie of the same name. The two trains were originally named “Maverick” and “Ice Man”. 3:44 pm - 3;45 pm Next, walk to Time Warp located right next to the Flight Deck. 3:45 pm -3:48 pm Patiently wait in line to go on ride. 3:48 pm -3:50 pm Enjoy your warp in time. Time warp will make you fell like your are flying because you will be head first lying down on this ride 3:50 pm - 3:55 pm Quickly walk over to the Kingswood Music Theater and pick a good spot to watch the show. 3:55 pm - 4:00 pm From your backpack, get your jacket because it starting to get a bit chilly and you small snack to enjoy during the show. 4:00 pm - 4:30 pm Enjoy your show and be sure to also eat your snack during the show. The Invatation is a great musical to watch and hear. It involves many actors and actress in the show. It a show you can't miss! 4:30 pm - 4:32 pm After the show, walk to sledge Hammer. 4:32 pm - 4:35 pm Wait in line to go on ride. When it is your turn find a seat and put your bag in the box on the floor 4:35 pm - 4:37 pm Have fun on this ride. Sledge Hammer has a series of raising jumps and freefalls. 4:37 pm - 4:39 pm Walk to Psyclone right next to Sledge Hammer. 4:39 pm - 4:42 pm Wait in line to go on ride. When it is your turn find a seat and put your bag on the floor. 4:42 pm -4:44 pm Have fun and enjoy your twirling. Psyclone has a arc of 120 degrees when it swings and spins you. 4:44 pm - 4:47 pm Next, walk to Behemoth. 4:47 pm - 4:54 pm Wait in line to go on ride. When it is your turn deposit your bag in the shelf on the other side and sit in your cart. 4:54 pm - 4:58 pm Behemoth is the same height as the drop tower and the speed of 125km/h. Enjoy your cool ride. 4:58 pm - 5:00 pm walk to Backlot Stunt Coaster right next to Behemoth. 5:00 pm - 5:03 pm wait in line to get ready to go in you car, deposit your bag in the box on the other side of the car. 5:03 pm -5:05 pm Have fun on the coaster. Backlot Stunt Coaster includes twist ans turns and quick drops. Also o 88 degree turn in pick black. You will be riding in a small car. 5:05 pm -5:10 pm Walk to Coasters (diner) which is also in Action Zone. It is next to Swing Of The Century. 5:10 pm - 5:50 pm Now, wait to be seated. When seated order your meal and use $20 to pay for it from your bag. When the meal comes you can start and enjoy it. Also get the last drink from your bag to go with your meal. The Coasters is a 50s indoor restaurant. It serves burgers, fries, salads and shakes. There is even a juke box to go with the style. Diner 5:50 pm -5:57 pm Finally, quickly walk to Alphorn Funnel Cakes located at Internationale Street. 5:57 pm - 6:00 pm Get 10 $ out of your bag and pay for a funnel cake of your choice of flavour 6:00 pm -6:10 pm Take your funnel cake and bag and walk to the front gate. Exit from the gate. enjoy your funnel cake outside because the parc is about to close. Conclusion I hope you had a wonderful day at Canada's Wonderland. I suspect you will coming back soon to continue your journey of fun1 Tip: Before
going on ride, tighten your shoe so they do not fall off during the ride. Here is the Canada's Wonderland MAP! (If you ever are lost in the instructions look at this map)
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