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Revisión bibliográfica

No description

Fernando Herrero

on 11 September 2015

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Transcript of Revisión bibliográfica

Review of the literature
Valuation of transfer penalties in public transport
First: search on Web of Science
Search: public transport transfer penalties

Research area: transportation

Subeh Chowdhury & Avishai Ceder
University of Auckland
8 results
Second: study citations
Third: study references of articles
Iseki & Taylor make a deep review of the literature
Mark Wardman
Institute for Transport Studies (University of Leeds)
Research in the topic: around 2000
Research in the topic: 2013-2014
Juan de Dios Ortúzar & Francisca Navarrete
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Very recent thesis and paper about the topic (2013-2014)

Large number of recent papers
Thank you for your attention
Fernando Herrero Ruiz
Estrategias de Movilidad Sostenible
Máster MUSIC - UPM
Z. Guo, N.H.M. Wilson & others
2004. Guo & Wilson. Assessment of the transfer penalty for transit trips - GIS-based disaggregate modeling approach.
Iseki, Taylor & others
2008. Dziekan. The transit experience of newcomers to a city: learning phases, system difficulties and information search strategies
Navarrete, Ortúzar, Chowdhury & Ceder
2013. Navarrete & Ortúzar. Subjective valuation of the transit transfer experience: The case of Santiago de Chile
Ronfang Liu, Ram M. Pendyala & Steven Polzin
1997. Assessment of Intermodal Transfer Penalties Using Stated Preference Data
J. Hine & M. Wardman
2000. Hine & Scott. Seamless, accessible travel: users' views of the public transport journey and interchange
1998. Simulation of the Effects of Intermodal Transfer Penalties on Transit Use
2000. Hine & Wardman. Costs of Interchange. A review of the literature Source of data for looking for other papers on the topic
2001. Wardman. A review on British evidence on time and service quality valuations
2001. Wardman. Public Transport values of time
2005. Bovy & Hoogendoorn-Lanser. Modelling route choice behaviour in multi-modal transport networks
2009. Iseki & Taylor. Not All Transfers Are Created Equal: Towards a Framework Relating Transfer Connectivity to Travel Behaviour
2013. Ceder, Chowdhury et al. Modelling public-transport users’ behaviour at connection point
2013. Chowdhury & Ceder. Definition of Planned and Unplanned Transfer of Public Transport Service and User Decisions to Use Routes with Transfers
2013. Chowdhury & Ceder. A Psychological investigation on public-transport users’ intention to use routes with transfers
2013. Chowdhury & Ceder. The Effect of Interchange Attributes on Public-Transport Users′Intention to Use Routes Involving Transfers
Chowdhury, Ceder & new researchers?
2014. Chowdhury, Ceder et al. The effects of planned and unplanned transfers on public transport users’ perception of transfer routes
2014. Schakenbos. Valuation of a transfer in a multimodal public transport trip: a stated preference research into the experienced disutility of a transfer between bus/tram/metro and train within the Netherlands
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