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ColdFusion + ERP = A Natural Fit

No description

Promisan b.v.

on 17 August 2017

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Transcript of ColdFusion + ERP = A Natural Fit

Why enterprise applications?
ColdFusion + ERP
CF at times reminds me of the role of woodpeckers in the forest... (video)
Thank you.
Don't forget to fill out session evaluation.

- Resource Management Integration
What does the industry
currently have to offer?

No wonder why the popularity of different programming languages has increased.
source: http://redmonk.com/sogrady/2016/07/20/language-rankings-6-16/
Process integration is not achieved through one single solution (=model)
- Buying a turnkey system? -or- building a custom system from scratch?
Enterprise software is
a one-size-fits all product

Coldfusion and ERP fit naturally together
Coldfusion allows work with layers and no layers,
enabling you to create the exact architecture you need.
The client's dilemma
Organizations must realize that only in
rapid development
will they find more integral solutions to their problems.
- Install software on the premises? -or- Cloud Computing?
- Customization is a complex process and often expensive to achieve.
- Full Integration, is just a dream, mere utopia.
We have built our own Enterprise Platform, PROSIS, that has stood the test of time and has been able to adapt to many unforeseen scenarios.
Functional Database Structure
1,600 production tables
Based on functional business areas:
Staffing Table
- Our own security mechanisms through cfajaxproxy
Clever Folder /
File Structure
Based on functional business areas
Maintenance based on a solid naming convention
Camel Case
Centralized components with business logic
- We take advantage of the Jasper engine
CF allows us to focus on the problems that really matter when building Enterprise Solutions:
- Software engineers build conceptual models.
Thanks to ColdFusion, Prosis is a robust, web-based ERP solution that can scale from 5 to 5,000 users.
It is able to rapidly prototype and deliver tailored solutions, enabling continuous customer input during all implementation phases, speeding up development and reducing delivery time.
- Increase process efficiency
- Improve decision making

Vast experience in building tangible things but not intangible things
We are able to build large buildings and towers seemingly without any failure over and over again
- Syntax validation on request
- Use of FuseGuard as a Web Application Firewall
It allows custom, experimental environments to be tested, enabling to confirm what works best for specific companies.
We do not follow frameworks, we follow principles.
- We use Information Planning principles for our models.
- We focus on Functional Layers (no programming layers).
Armin Mazariegos
Consistent style across entire project

How can we build complex systems simply?
CF Summit 2016, Las Vegas
Ease to read.
CF areas of improvements
Enhance garbage collector
EXT JS : continuously upgrade (?)
Ability to click on a tag and go directly to its source
It helps organize data and code in a process oriented way.
Easy to locate files

Further reading
October 11, 2016
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM/ South Seas J
12 years ago, we looked for a rapid and robust, development tool.
A tool that was able to adapt to the fragmented, rapidly evolving environments of the businesses we work with today.
Our team
"So much testing of the new system was so far behind schedule, I was not confident it would work well." 
-RICHARD S. FOSTER, who retired as chief actuary of the Medicare program in January 2014

Its rapid development approach allows for a more direct human interaction.
It helps software engineers to create their our own models
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