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Top Producer With Today's Call Sheet

Social Media Edition

Ashleah Wilson

on 3 November 2010

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Transcript of Top Producer With Today's Call Sheet

Most REALTORS® understand that social media
like Facebook®, Twitter and LinkedIn
have the power to increase their sales. But only a handful know the secrets to using these networks to expand their business
exponentially. Social Media Edition Top Producer 8i Why does Social Media even MATTER in Real Estate >> Over 53% of all daily web visits occur on Facebook >> Communications through social media has SURPASSED email You need a Marketing System that helps you attract sales through your online social network. Today, if people want to find
real estate information,
they go straight to the Internet. Not only that... >> You can attract new business at a FRACTION
of your existing marketing costs So, the Team at Top Producer asked,
what if we redesigned Top Producer 8i
– with an eye towards the
of communicating. With tools to update your
Facebook and Twitter. And ways to include
real estate information
that is a lot more dynamic
and relevant in every conversation. And so we created the latest version of
Top Producer 8i, a marketing solution
that’s perfect for connecting
with today’s internet savvy consumers. Social media is all about

It’s a forum for users to share their thoughts and opinions. Top Producer 8i empowers you with the
4 Steps to Successful Social Media Marketing:

1) Interested People
2) Deliver Quality
3) Information
4) Stay The NAR reports that up to 53% of your business will come from people in an your immediate network. That can be friends, past customers, or referrals. That means business comes from those who know, like, and trust you. Top Producer 8i allows you to market with social media,
to develop relationships,
so more people will know,
like and trust you.

Only then will they list or buy through you. Coming May 2010 Check Back for Details www.topproducer.com/facebook www.topproducer.com/facebook Join the Conversation So, let me show you how
the new Top Producer 8i
helps you do this... First, Top Producer 8i
makes it easy to see
exactly what your contacts
are posting or tweeting about, and to join the conversation in just a few clicks. Follow conversations,
easily reply or direct message people
right from their tweets or Facebook posts You can be informed of important life events
that could open up to conversations. Second, update all your friends easily on Twitter and Facebook with a single click. Plus with just a few clicks you can add and shorten a link, even send a picture! Third, Top Producer 8i provides conversation starters for every one of your contacts with our “Things to Talk About” option.

See live for-sale and sold information, that you can immediately share with any of your contacts. Ready to Get Started? That's why the Team at Top Producer asked,
what if we redesigned Top Producer 8i
– with an eye towards the
of communicating. Isn’t it hard to ask your sphere for business,
month after month But isn’t it hard to pick up the phone to ask them? Do you ever struggle with what to say,
call after call? Social Media Edition Top Producer 8i You already know your
past clients,
& family
of new business. With INSIGHT into what's happening in your sphere. Top Producer 8i incorporates tested and proven strategies to connect you with current and past customers. Top Producer 8i shows you: Follow Conversations track the 'health' of your database and use our “Things to Talk About”
to access live market information
you can use on every call. Plus, with seamless connection to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, you can instantly post and automatically follow the updates for all your contacts – all within Top Producer 8i. These capabilities will help you
overcome call reluctance,
with talking points personalized for every contact Prepare for every call in minutes And stop losing business:
53%* of new business
comes from referrals and past customers
– stay connected through regular calls and postings to Facebook So, let me show you how
Top Producer 8i
helps you do this... Ask about the EXCLUSIVE 30 Free day trial Want to learn more? only for members of
Wilmington Regional Association of REALTORS®
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