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SS7G1: The student will locate selected features of Africa.

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angel west

on 23 March 2014

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Transcript of SS7G1: The student will locate selected features of Africa.

• This range extends nearly 1500 miles through Northern Africa.
• It has been home to many of the Berber tribes.
• There is a fascinating connection (literally) to some mountains in the United States.

• The Congo is the largest river in central Africa. It is the second largest river in Africa.
• It flows through the second largest rain forest in the world.
• The Congo River is the very reason why the Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Congo, and Angola are separate countries.

• The Kalahari is located in Southwestern
Sub-Saharan Africa.
• The area provides for excellent grazing,
especially after rains.
• Because parts of the Kalahari receive
more than 10 inches of rain per year,
much of it does not fit the definition of a
• A savanna is a tropical or semi-arid
woodland area. About 4.5 million square miles of Africa are considered savanna.
• In a savanna, the trees are typically very small and widely spaced.
• Savannas are typically well-suited for grazing animals. In Africa, these include lions, elephants, giraffes, and zebras
• The Sahara is the world’s largest
“hot” desert.
• It covers most of Northern Africa, it stretches from the
Red Sea to the Atlantic Ocean.

SS7G1 The student will locate selected features of Africa.

• The equatorial region of Africa has high temperatures year-round.
• These areas typically have 50-60 inches of rain per year.
• The rain forests suit animals such as
chimpanzees, gorillas, hippos, and
African gray parrots.

• This crescent shaped river is the principal
river in Western Africa.
• This very “clear” river has the Guinea
Highlands as its source.
• The Niger River empties into the
Guinea basin.

Lake Tanganyika
• It is estimated to be the world’s second
largest fresh water lake by volume and the second deepest.
• The lake is divided between four countries;
Burundi, Democratic Republic of the
Congo (DRC), Tanzania and Zambia.
• The water flows into the Atlantic Ocean.
• This lake is very important to the daily
lives of people living in Africa. It has
almost 250 species of fish.

Lake Victoria
• Africa's largest

• The eco-system has been nearly
devastated by human influence.

• Lake Victoria is located between the countries of
Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania.

• The Sahel runs from the Red Sea to the
Atlantic Ocean.
• It separates North Africa’s Sahara Desert
from a semi-arid savanna.
• The Sahel is mostly covered with
grasslands and savanna.
• Many kingdoms, known as
Sahelian Kingdoms, flourished here
because it was an excellent trade route.
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