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Mixed Economy

No description

Tiana Ewing

on 14 February 2011

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Transcript of Mixed Economy

A Mixed Economy Definition Mixed economy is a
combonation between
Socialism and Capitilism.
A mixed economy allows you
to get richer and have more
power but has regulation in
place to make sure that the
poor don't get to the point
of starvation and so that
the rich don't get to the
point of absolute control.
In a mixed economy you still
pay taxes toward the government
to help others. Socialism This is a system where
everybody in society is
working togeather and
everybody makes the same
profit no matter what they
do. Everybody in society
has enough to survive but
has no chance in making more. Capitalism This is a system everything
is based on supply and demand,how much you make and investments. This is a free
market where you can make or
lose anything without any regulations, there isn't
anything to fall back on.
There can be a wide range of very rich and very poor Pros and Cons Pros Some pros to a mixed economy:
-You can make diffrent amounts
of money
-You get a certain amount of
health care and education
-You don't get a few really
rich people who just keep getting
richer and poor people who just get
-The government still puts
regulations, food labeling and
saftey measures. Cons Some cons to a mixed economy:
-From a buissness presptive it would
be bad because you have to pay taxes
and spend extra money on labour saftey
or food labeling
-A large or small buissnes pays a certain
amount of their profit to the government
and the government uses that money to make
buissness that may compete with theirs.
-From a consumer's point of veiw a
mixed economy may be bad because the govenment
only allows you to run a cell phone buissness
if you have a lisence. Only a few people
can get lisences. A few decades ago Bell
Canada was the only phone industry in Canada.
Because of this, their rates were very high
because there was no compotition. In today's
money it was $75 dollars for a plug in and
$10 dollars per month for one single jack. Examples How does an mixed
economy affect you? Capitalism Socialism Mixed Economy More Socialism Cuntries like Norway, Swedan and Finland are still a mixed society but
are closer to Socialism. Most of their health care is paid for by the
government through taxes. In Swedan the state pays for 97% of your healthcare. In Finland you do not pay for your education until university, the government payes your tuition. Also in many schools healthcare is free along with lunches. Their veiw is that all of this funding in health care a education with make their country stronger togeather. But because of this their taxes are high More Capitalism The USA is a mixed eocnomy but their economy
has more capitalism in is. Their healthcare
centers are large and privatly owned. Also
insurance is privatly owned. Us health care is
rated as the most expensive health care in
the world. The a lot is the population is in debt because of health care costs. In the USA
students looking to enter uniersity pay their own costs and often uses students loans from the
government or from a private sector. The USA
has more of a capitalism because is more of a
everyone for them self what it comes to healthcare and education. In the US there is more money but more debt, this led to the recession. A mixed economy changes the way of a typical canadian life because it will
allow you to get richer but it will still make you pay taxes towards the
government to use for the public. If
you were in a Socialism economy everyone
would be poor togeather so there would be no desire to work. In a capitalism economy there would be very rich and very poor so depending on which of the two you were your quality of life would vary. A mixed economy effects teenagers. It would affect jobs. In a mixed economy there are job regulations, like child labour and safety regulations. If we were in a capitalism economy we could have been involved in child labour because of no regulations and a constant demad for more work. A good example of countires with no child labour laws would be India, China and Taiwan. Also people may be working in a unsafe work place because of no saftey regualtions and a constant effort to cut down costs.
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