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Issues of a Guilded Age

By: Kevin Carbaugh, Sean DeLong, Aria Dixon, and Mason Wright

Tyler Heyfax

on 4 April 2011

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Transcript of Issues of a Guilded Age

Issues of the Guilded Age 1877-1900 Bullied kids team up. -> Captain planet style Section 1: Segregation and Social Tensions Section 2: Political and Social Changes Section 3: Farmers and Populism <Kevin Carbaugh> <Sean DeLong> Mason Wright <Mason Wright> <Aria Dixon> Populist Party Demands Reform Goals Successes Economic Crisis and Populism's Decline Bryan and the Election of 1896 What's going on at this time? Rapidly declining prices of crops

Farmers blame banks and railroads

No government support and protection Why the change? No regulations -> Exploitation

Farmers fed up being taken advantage of

Wanted to drive prices up Free Silver

Government Ownership of Railroads What Happened? Lots of Politicians

Tries for black/white unity Farmers began forming groups

The Grange - regulation of railroads, etc.

Southern Farmer's Alliance - Union

Georgia Alliance - Boycott

And the results? Democratic Populist "Cross of Gold" Free Silver Interstate Commerce Commision (ICC) is established

Federal protection
Lost to McKinley Legacy Corruption of Politics Alarming Political Cartoons Spoils System "There are three great crops raised in Nebraska. One is the crop of corn, one a crop of freight rates, and one is a crop of interest.
One is produced by farmers who sweat and toil to farm the land.
The other two are produced by men who sit in their offices and behind
bank counters and farm the farmers." -Farmer's Alliance, 1890 Civil Service Reform Economic Issues Tariff Questions Debate Money Policy Debates McKinley won the next election as well. Most Populist's joined the Democratic Party Populism died within ten years The guilded age is like... A playground full of bullies. McKinley won the next election too After reconstruction, Government
sought out equal rights for
African Americans + other minorities African Americans After 1876 hayes removed troops Allowed south to focus on their control of African Americans Jim Crow Laws: kept blacks and whites seperated Southern states got around
the 15th ammendment Added poll tax that African Americans couldn'd afford Had to pass literacy test.
Blacks were treated unfairly economically
and couldn't afford school so failed Introduced Grandfather Clauses 1894 - 130,000 Registered Black Voters 1904 - 1,300 Chinese Immigrants 1879 California banned
people from hiring people
of Chinese Ancestry Established segregated
"Oriental" schools Prevented Chinese laborers from
entering the country. Mexican Americans 4 out of 5 Mexican Americans
lost their land in New Mexico
and other states Las Gorras Blancas cut holes
in fences and burned houses of white families Chinese used the courts to get them
to decide that Chinese born in the U.S.
could not be stripped of citizenship
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