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Transcript of Makeup


The product we chose is Makeup. Makeup is the different types of cosmetics applied to the face or body to enchance someone's appearance. Makeup can be a mixture of of chemicals or natural recources that is applied for cleansing and affection. Makeup is now done on an everyday basis.
The disadvantages of makeup is that there are lots of chemicals and if you use too much of it on your skin it'll ruin your face. Chemicals can cause allergie reactions and even worse infections. You can also start to get pimples, dots and rashes on your face by mixing different creams and cosmetics which isnt good for you. You can also get acne which is very common but a better chance of getting it. Of course we have to use some kind of product to remove acne but it should be something non comdegnic.Another disadvantage is that makeup can also be a rip off because they're really expensive and plan out not to work the way you want it too. Makeup can also damage your upper eye and it'll start to swollen. You can also develop skin cancer.
Negetive Impacts
You probably think living in Spain will think its the best place ever and a dream place to be. Well no you're wrong. While living in Spain it can be very hard finding jobs because Spain is where you would go on a vacation and spend money shopping and it'll be harder to balance your financial situations. Another disadvantage is that they lack in public health care and they won't have any supports or homes for the elderly. Spain doesn't come with an official full time contract and that makes it harder for you to acess free medical care and that leads to paying a lot more than you think towards medical care. It can be also hard to settle in and live in Spain because most of the people speak a different language and it would be harder for you to fit in and get comfortable.
Natural Recources
Some of the natural resources are coal, lignite , iron, copper, lead, zinc, uranium, mercury, hydropower, and arable land. Since spain is a large agricultural country they would produce large crops like wheat, vegetables, tomatoes, olives, grapes and barley. Spain itself is also the 13th largest economy and has many different views which means they would have manufacturers, chemicals, tourism, apparel and food and beverages everywhere.
The type of makeup product we chose is Eyeshadow.Eye Shadow is a varied type of cosmetics also a powder form that is applied to the eyelids or the skin around the eyes. Our own made up name for it is Naturalmente. Our company name would be Beautifully Yours. The reason as to why we came up with these names is because we thought it was a soothing and could make women feel more positive in thereselves. The word "Naturalmente" is a word in Spanish meaning Naturally you. We wanted to translate it in Spanish because we thought it was a nice word and name and meaning. The name Naturally you also relates to Beautifully yours and we thought it was a nice catch to it. Beautifully yours and Naturally you I think really makes people want to buy the product that we're advertising because it could give a women that confident feeling and they would think its a good product.
Why we chose this product.

The advantages and postivities of makeup is:
1) Makeup can change someone's perspective of what age they think you are. Now and days people now use anti-aging products. The ingredients contain retinol, botofirm, and peptides.
2)Makeup can help protect you from the sun by using the right moisturizers and foundation including an SPF of either 15 or 30. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor that protects you from ultraviolet UV rays.UVB rays can damage your skin's outer layer which can or may occur skin cancer.
3) With makeup you can express who you are and what style you're comfortable with.You can also be creative with your makeup because makeup is art. The best part about makeup is having fun with it and feeling more confident in yourself because it can make you feel more powerful in who you are as a person.
4) Makeup boosts up your looks and makes women very attractive in pictures or going out.

The different types of Makeup.
There are various types of makeup that can be applied for example Lipstick, Foundation, Blush, Mascara, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Nail Polish, and Complimentary Makeup. Makeup can come in all types of colours, style, texture,and shades depends on how you want it to be or do. Makeup is usually used to show off or done on a special occasion.
We chose this product because it's a
popular, famous and wellknown product used by
woman and even mens worldwide.Makeup is also
an easy and simple product that have
their own advantages and disadvantages
to experiment on and also really good to
relate in reality and knowing the different
flaws that people have that can affect thereselves
and personality.We also chose it because there are a lot of different industries, companies and brand that sell fairly well.

Makeup Product:
Eye Shadow
Beautifully Yours
Some of Las Palmas positive imapacts is that, there is a lot of tourism, so there is a good chance of people buying our product. There is not man jobs in Las Palmas, so if we bring our product there, we can create jobs, and we dont have to waste a lot of money because if we bring people from our country, we would have to pay them in dollar which could cost alot, but if we get the spanish people to work for us we could save money because 1 american dollar is equal to 0.60 to 0.80 cents.The weather is also
perfect. It's about 20 degrees celcius and the wind at 29km/per hour and about 56% humidity. nOT To mention there's also education and schools to provide for everyone which means its also a good environment to live in and learn. some of the colleges and universities that are there is university of las palmas de gran canaria AND UNIVERSIDAD FERNANDO PESSOSOA-CANARIAS. NOT TO MENTION THEY HAVE GREAT ART STRUCTURES SEEN FROM ALL AROUND THE WORLD
The positive Impacts on
the Environment
The location we chose is
Las Palmas, Triana Bario. Las Palmas is a lovely
dream city in Spain. Las Palmas is a
capital of Gran Canaria and is one of Spain's Canary Islands off northwestern Africa. Las palmas is great for many of its resources like a major cruise-ship port, going on shopping spree's, amazing resorts, and relaxing beaches. We chose this location because lots of tourists and visitors come to experience new adventures and for family vacations. The shopping area also looks really big and people from all around the world would come to our store and check out new cosmetics since they want to look good on vacation and our product can be gifted and later on be exported to other places worldwide. We also put our product/company here because the names we made up "Naturalmente" and Beautifully yours they fit in Spain since people there speak Spanish and it would be easier for them to put our store here.Don't forget about the amazing dances,performances,hotels,and singing.
Available Workforce
Available workforce basically means a group of people working for a company or organization. In Spain, Las Palmas its usually a place to relax and chill out and people who live there aren't employed is either because the payment is too low or they have no where to go. But we would advertise our product and company to everyone in Spain too not just Las Palmas then later we would sponsor our product worldwide. In our opinion its best if we start mainly in Spain first because it has great attractions and reveiws from other people convincing people to come to our area and it would also be a good oppurtunity for unemployees to come work for us so they have a start here and feel more welcomed. We would also have our headquarters located in NYC and Madrid which is the capital of Spain to discuss people's opinions on the product and to make them try it out. Since we know in Spain sometimes it can be very expensive because its a place for touring, we would have coupons and make them half price. It's a great way to introduct a new product and it would help us grow.
Tranportation Services and Routes
Our transportation services are very
convienient because we have cruise ships who would sail to our area everytime because of the hot sunny days. The different cruises that we have are Britaania Cruises, Oriana Cruises, Ventura Cruises, Azura Cruises, Aurora Cruises, and Balmoral Cruises. Our reveiws from other people while going on our cruises are over 50% of ratings which is very decent and good because they picked ours. We have tour information and once they follow it we will guide it to our shopping centre. The other transportation that we have is Buses! Every bus has a number and it will take you to a specific place of where you want to go for example Bus number 60 is Aeropureto de Gran Canaria and Bus number 90 is Faro de Maspalomas. We also have taxi's and its about 6 euros per metre. The company Socomtaxi offers services to people who are disabled and on wheelchairs and the vehicle can be up to 7 people each.
People's Opinions vs Our Opinions
People's opinions really matter to us because we would like what everyone thinks and everyone counts. It really depends on the texture and colour that you want it to be because some products don't work as you want it to work and it becomes a total rip off after that but we hope our product is useful not to only in Las Palmas Spain but worldwide so we can grow just like l'oreal, Avon, Lancome, MAC, Sephora, and Chanel. We would like to see our company and product grow more and more and then later on in the future by producing other merchindices and clothing lines.
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