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Daily routine

No description

Ana Gómez García

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Daily routine

What day is today ?
Wednesday the 13 of February 2014
Is everybody in class, or is anybody absent ?
What's the weather like today ?
It's cloudy ?
do we have homework for today ?
what did we do yesterday ?
Write a summary about the story that we listened yesterday.
We started with Bárbara's Daily routine and then we corrected the sentences that we did for homework
Finally, we listened a story and we talking about it.
Complete with will/won't, shall and going to:
I'm sure that one day people ................ build houses on the moon.
I .................... see him tomorow.
........ I open the window ?
am going to
is going to
She ................... spend two weeks in Ireland.
Put the words in the correct order to make sentences.
see him - going - am - tomorrow. - I - to
I am going to see him tomorrow.
in summer. - to Seville - to - are - We - not - going - go
We are not going to go to Seville in summer.
in - probably - I - city - be - morning. - the - will - tomorrow
I will probably be in the city tomorrow morning.
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