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A New Start To A

No description

LaMarcus Torrence

on 26 January 2017

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Transcript of A New Start To A

Categories Of Improvement
To better myself personally
Advance to the next level of high school
A Change For The Better
I am determine to better myself day by day this year. For me to better myself,I must set myself apart from negative people and linger around more positive people. I am aware that I have to cut some people off that I would usually talk too. I find it very important to be more positive every day in this lifetime.
Must A Be Positive And A Better Person To Succeed Life !!
Football Is Life !
I want to be able to advance on to the college level by playing football and acceding on to the National Football League. By me wanting to do this, I must attend camps, workout sessions and practice more on making my techniques better at my position.
Hard Work, Work!
I also would like to get better in school by staying focus on my work. God blessed me with another year and I will take advantage of these opportunities to better myself.
Believe And Succeed !
I am determine to pass the 11th grade to move on to the 12th. I want to be able to tell people that I graduated from Bessemer City High School. There will be a lot of people stunned because they say "nobody makes it out of Bessemer" and I really want to change that thought.
A New Start To A
New Year

LaMarcus Torrence
1st Block-AP English 11

"We Can't Change The World Unless We Change Ourselves."
-Christopher "Biggie" Wallace

High School
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