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No description

Celina Clarke

on 7 June 2012

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Transcript of Dogs

- there are many kinds of dogs - some breeds: - poodles
-golden retrievers
-huskies Dogs With Jobs - dogs are very helpful - here are some reasons: - they make great companions - warn you when there is danger - they help police/firefighters -they help blind people -they pull wheelchairs Kinds Of Dogs Dogs Coats - different dogs have different coats - have you ever seen a dog with a coat like this? - list of coats: - long - short - straight curly - smooth - most dogs shed their coats Dogs By Celina What Dogs Fear - did you know that dogs have fears - here is a list of what some dogs fear: - riding cars/planes - thunderstorms -fireworks - other dogs - strangers I Love Dogs!!! My Video - some dogs are just to funny! I found some of of my information in Wikipedia. Best Buddies
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