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The Five People You Meet in Heaven

No description

Giana Muniz

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of The Five People You Meet in Heaven

The Five People You Meet in Heaven
-Mitch Albom

The story is about a man named Eddie.
He is 83 years old and works at Ruby's pier fixing rides.
On his 83rd birthday he dies trying to save a little girl from a falling cart off a ride.
He goes to heaven, where he is reunited with five people he has encountered in his lifetime that had forever changed it.
Positive/Negative leadership
Eddie shows positive leadership.
He pushes a little girl out of danger and ended up losing his life because of it.
The captain also shows positive leadership.
He was Eddie's captain during WWII.
They were all POW's but managed to escape.
As revenge they set the village where they were kept on fire.
Eddie thought he saw a child in the fire so he went back to try and save it.
The captain tried to get Eddie to listen so that he would not die trying to save the child from the fire.
To make sure he lived, the captain shot him in the leg so his fellow soldiers could carry him away safely.
The captain died making sure all his soldiers made it out safely.
Positive or Negative Motivation
All the lessons Eddie learned in heaven would be positive motivation.
The lessons were:
1. Events are not random and lives intersect for a reason. -Blue Man
2. Sacrifice- The Captain
3. Letting go of his anger towards his father- Ruby
4. The power of love and that love is everlasting- Marguerite
5. His purpose in life- Tala
Likes and Dislikes
I liked that all the lessons he learned in heaven all tied into his life and showed him his purpose.
I disliked how Albom did not reveal if the little girl on the pier survived but I also admire it because it made the ending more meaningful.
I recommend this book because it is uplifting and motivational. It makes the reader reflect on their own lives and wonder about purpose.
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