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Fractured Fairy Tale

Block 2 CIS Psychology

Natalia Velenchenko

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Fractured Fairy Tale

The Little Mermaid Once upon a time... In an ocean far, far away, lived a mermaid named Ariel. They did everything together, and she treated him like the younger brother that she never had. F Ariel always was a little odd... Ever since she was about seven years old, Flounder could recall occasionally catching her impulsively stealing objects she found in the ocean just to feel relief. So that very day, Ariel and Flounder decided to do just that. By Natalia, Tiah, Brittany, and Regan Block 2
CIS Psychology
Gmach She was traumatized by an unusual childhood, and was forced to grow up in a broken home. After watching the fatal death of her parents at the young age of 6, the only friend left to Ariel was a fish named Flounder. The new Ariel was convinced she was a fire fighter... And she thought she had it in her to save the entire above-water world! But this was different.... One morning Ariel woke up and it seemed like she had changed drastically over night. The only way Flounder could think to explain it was that it was like she had become a whole new person! BUT ONE DAY... After convincing Eric that he needed help and pushing him to go the psychologist, Regina was satisfied with the work she had done and ready to move on to her next mission. But Flounder didn't want to help with another mission. In fact, he had drank so much that day that he was showing signs of impaired functioning and was acting extremely obnoxious. He was even starting to bother the people around them! Eric had had an obsession with fires ever since he barely escaped a house fire at the age of 8. Recently, however, it had gotten out of control. He couldn't go a day without setting fire to a building, and the town was slowly getting destroyed. lounder was a smart fish, and had spent his entire life growing up under the shelter of Ariel. Flounder realized that Ariel wasn't acting like herself. Flounder, like he often was known to do under such large amounts of stress, turned to alcohol and was very little help to "Regina." But with a little digging, "Regina" was able to find that it was a human named Eric who was purposefully starting all of the fires. Ariel, who insisted on being called Regina, took her fire fighting role very seriously. She was set on finding out where these fires were coming from, and how she would be able to put them out. It was odd how set she was on this task... Flounder couldn't remember Ariel ever having even mentioned fires before now. Flounder wasn't sure what had gotten into her, but he didn't question Ariel. After all, Flounder had a heavy SUBSTANCE DEPENDENCE, and Ariel promised him they would find alcohol if he would venture above the sea with her. When Regina found out about this, she knew she had to do something to fix it. She thought long and hard bout a decision, and decided it would be best to send Eric to a psychologist. After all, Eric showed signs of an extreme obsession and psychopathology. He clearly needed help! In the days to come, the police observed "Regina" and Flounder's behaviors further and decided that they both must suffer from individual types of PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERS. They were both sent to the local psychologist to seek further help. They even ran into Eric... but Ariel didn't remember who he was. She just kept mentioning how she couldn't even recall having ever left the sea, and that she just wanted to return home! Sure enough, Ariel was right! To Flounder's amazement, there really were fires that needed to be put out--and they were everywhere! He caused so much disruption to the general public that he got himself and Regina ARRESTED. The cops also observed that Flounder was heavily intoxicated, and had consumed a STATISTICALLY INFREQUENT amount of alcohol--much more than what is considered normal! They knew that this mermaid and fish both needed a large amount of help... especially after searching "Regina's" pockets and finding numerous amounts of stolen items. During their questioning, the cops asked Regina some of her important personal information and what she had been doing the night before... But she was unable to recall these things. They knew that this information was much too extensive to be explained by ordinary forgetfulness.... Ariel and Flounder both got the professional help they needed. They returned to the sea one year later feeling better than ever, and living a happily ever after life together! QUESTIONS FOR THE CLASS 1. What specific disorders do you think the psychologist diagnosed Ariel (2) and Flounder (1) with at the end of the story?

2. What is the name of the disorder that Eric suffered from?

3. What is a substance dependence?

4. What is the definition of psychopathology?

5. What is meant by statistical infrequency?

6. What would have been the best approach to take when diagnosing Ariel, Flounder, and Eric's disorders? (Biological, Psychological, Behavioral, Social-Cognitive)

7. What are things that Ariel, Flounder, and Eric would have done to recover from their disorders?
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