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No description

Veena Satheesh

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of Pantheism

Work Experience
Posted by @whatispantheismanyways
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Um.. i found your page and was curious as to what pantheism is..

Again, the hearts of those who believe.
Posted by @eagerMCbeaver
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The universe and all in it.
Getting people to believe in god
Literally everything/anything.
Hi. This seems like an interesting page. I DEMAND YOU TO TELL ME MORE. NOW. RIGHT NOW. ASAP. I NEED TO KNOW MORE! (specifically what pantheism has to do with god)

The university of Pantheism
Lives In
The hearts and souls of all those who believe.
@Pantheism shared photos
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Dear @whatispantheismanyways, Im glad you asked. Pantheism, is the belief that god is the universe. Now, i know that's hard to believe, this is a sacred belief, that not many people still follow.
Hi @eagerMCbeaver. Actually, pantheists don't believe in god, you see, because as said before, pantheism is the belief that the universe is identical to divinity, and thus basically saying that god didn't create the universe. Unlike atheism, however, pantheism doesn't, in fact, go against the belief of god or spirituality completely. Scientifically pantheism is a positive approach to life, considering any other philosophies or religions.
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