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Three Minutes of Prehistoric Passion


Tobias Alcott

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Three Minutes of Prehistoric Passion

By Tobias Alcott Three Minutes of Prehistoric Passion What am I most passionate about
in the whole of time and space? DINOSAURS But Where did they come from? It began with certain species of fish that developed stronger fins that allowed them to move from one body of water to another The fish then evolved into amphibians like this one Icythostega The Amphibians evolved
into small reptiles..... Hylonomus Which then became the mammal
like reptiles... And Finally...
The FIRST DINOSAURS!! Coelophysis Eusthenopteron Prehistoric Periods Paleontologists (Someone who digs up fossilised bones) have created periods so that when they look at rocks they can tell how old it is. Period Number 1
Archeon Period-
Bacteria and Algae Bacteria Period Number 2
Proterzoic Period
Jellyfish and Worms Jellyfish Period Number 3
Cambrian Period
Trilobites Trilobites Period Number 4
Ordovician Period
Sharkes, Bony Fish
and Orthocones Orthocone Period Number 5
Silurian Period
Sea Scorpians
and land plants Pterygotus Period Number 6
Devonian period-
First Land Animals
with backbones Dunkleosteous Period Number 7
Carboniferius Period-
Amphbians, Lizards
Giant Bugs Arthropleura Period Number 8
Permian Period
Large Reptiles Period Number 9
Triassic Period
First Dinosaurs
Last Mammal Like
Reptiles Gorgonopsid Postosuchus Period Number 10
Jurassic Period
Biggest Dinosaurs Allosaurus Period Number 11
Cretaceous period
Most Efficient Dinosaurs Tyrannosaurus Period Number 12
Teritary Period
Rise of Mammals
and Giant Birds Terror Bird Period Number 13
Quartenary Period
Humans Wooly Rhino ODD DINOSAURS Many dinosaurs had wierd crests, skulls,
and claws. These are a few of them Oviraptor This small carnivorus dinosaur is
known because of it's cassowary like
crest Therizenasaurus
is another wierd dinosaur
with the longest claws of any
known dinosaur Dilophosaurus is
another odd dinosaur that
is known by its double crest Microraptor is one
of the few dinosaurs
that could lift itself into the air
using it's FOUR Arms Tsintasaurus
What a wierd crest!! Stygimoloch
One of the thick
headed pacephylasaurs Kentrosaurus
Has REALLY Prominent
Back and Leg Spines Saltasaurus
Has a very knobbly back Famous Dinosaurs Tyrannosaurus Rex TRICERATOPS Apatosaurus Brachiosaurus AUSTRALIAN DINOSAURS Australoventor Leallynasaura Rapator Timimus Fulgurotherium Minmi Dinosaurs On Television Dinosaurs appear on the televison
a lot as with the help of computer
animation we are able to bring them
back to life Some of these shows are..... DOCTOR WHO
Dinosaurs on a Spaceship PALEONTOLOGISTS Paleontologists are people who dig
up the bones of prehistoric animals like dinosaurs. LUMP HAMMER ANY QUESTIONS? THANKS FOR WATCHING MY LIFE IN PALEONTOLOGY PAUL SERENO SUCHIOMIMUS Carchrodontosaurus
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