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This is Revit

No description

Scott McNamara

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of This is Revit

Moving to Revit The Revit model started its live on 15th December 2011 with one user for the first few weeks
Model was setup into 3 parts
Master model
Structural model
Facade model
Eliel built the model and the smart Curtin wall System Training Training staff in Revit started in November 2011
On the project training on a bi-weekly basis
We Measured users with an assess the steep learning curve Revit Server Revit Server setup was months ahead of schedule
180brisbane went live on Revit server on the 8/8/2012 at 7:30pm
In 9 weeks there has been
13 users on the project
2727 updates
One major file crash where the model had to be built to the server
With Mile topping the updates with 615 updates Revit stats There has been 28 issues of the model
270 drawings produced for the tender issue
Most weeks there would be a General set printed in triplicate for Bob at the end of the week.
3 – 4 hrs to pdf a general set
1 – 2 ½ to print the sets
1 – to bind a sets
An aconex upload would take near to a day to complete
Over the life of the project there has been around 372 families created
From Curtin wall systems, plumbing fixtures, furniture and custom annotation tags and symbols to name a few Renders The model also had a workflow to create internal rendering via 3ds max to create up to 20 versions pre view, via signal pc or network render.
With each view having 1/2day modelling
2to 4hours of material mapping
2 to 3hours to render
Plus 1 hour post in Photoshop
The Lobby hero shot had 15 versions
Weeks of on and off modelling
6-8 hours to render
Up to 3hrs post
Having full colour and shadows for elevations slowed the printing process every week talking around 45mins per elevation. Content All Crone standard Document Content was setup in the template
However there was content that needed to be built also
Custom wet area content
Annotation symbols
Curtin wall systems
Custom ceilings
we also bought content
like lifts / escalators
Now this is where we all come into play Team What worked well?
What thinks could have been done better?
Was this the best project to start jump into BIM?
Did we know what the client wanted out of BIM?
Did we guide the client and have a good understanding of outcomes with BIM?
Was the team ready for the task to move to BIM?
Where we in control of Consultants and timelines?
Where we working on a BIM timeline or a conventional timeline?
Was there time to improve into a BIM workflow?
Support "where could it be made better for a BIM project"?
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