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Consulting Project for Change Management class

Jasmine Amian

on 10 July 2013

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Transcript of BlackBerry

Pioneer of the smartphone segment with its BlackBerry device

The past 5 years RIM has experienced months of turmoil

Much of the failure was due to:
Lack of Communication
Lack of innovation

Organization failed to change leadership in time Previous Co-CEOs:
Mike Lazaridis & Jim Balsillie
(Since 1992) 1) Communication between lower level employees and higher management

2) Execution & Improvement of the product

3) Getting people to buy more stock

4) Create a constant buzz & excitement about BlackBerry

5) Winning back American businesses, government, and customer base Major Products Overview & Discussion BlackBerry Leaders Current CEO:
Thorsten Heins
(Since 2012) History & Business Sector: Limitations Organization Strengths Competition Problem Identification BlackBerry Phones

Q10 We aim to keep our business a secret, so we have no mission. In a sense, we are "Mission Statement Ninjas". You can't see thisssss. Mission Statement BlackBerry Leaders
History and Background
Major Products
Problem Identifications
Change Actions/Initiatives
Evaluation Effectiveness
Overview & Discussion Case Synopsis Between leadership and a random selection of employees from different departments
Creative brainstorming environment
Power structures are abandoned during meeting Monthly Marketing Meetings Be Your Own Boss Rewarding Customer Feedback Time
Change! PlayBook Apple - iPhone, iPad, iOS
Google - Android, Google Nexus Phones
Samsung - Galaxy Tablets, Galaxy Phones
Microsoft - Windows 8 Mobile, Windows Phone, Surface Tablet Rise & Fall of the Company Tablets Emphasis on network security
Business focused products
International sales
(70% market share in South Africa) Communication between high level management and employees
Lack of innovation Internal forces: Needs for creativity and belonging were not met
External Forces: Lack of support from leadership restrained innovation Open Systems Theory BlackBerry did not get enough input from its environment
Led to subpar outputs Likert's Four Systems of Management BlackBerry was originally a Benevolent Autocracy (System 2) organization
After Thorstein Heins took over, became a Consultative Management (System 3) organization
Through our change efforts, Blackberry will become a Participative Management(System 4) organization Lewin's Force Field Analysis Analysis & Evaluation Communications Market
Worldwide Areas of Operation:
Geographics: M,M&Ms! Monthly Marketing Meetings Employees encouraged to submit new ideas to their managers
Employees with good ideas allowed to head a team and given resources to further develop the idea Be Your Own Boss Rethinking a Classic Distinction in Leadership
Kaplan and Kaiser Bonus Round! Forceful leadership
Enabling leadership
Executives tend to be lopsided
Most active ingredient in
effective leadership is versatility
Impact on effectiveness
Managers assesment
Conclusion Create a platform for customers to submit suggestions and ideas
Every year, 3 best ideas are further developed by BlackBerry and monetary rewards given Rewarding Customer Feedback
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