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How Otzi was preserved:

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Hugh Macdonald

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of How Otzi was preserved:

Ötzi The Iceman

How Otzi was preserved:
Otzi the Iceman is the oldest mummy known by humans who was mummified by being frozen inside a layer of thick ice. After he died he dried out and then later, due to heavy snow, he was completely frozen.
Artefacts the body was
found with
Otzi was found with a copper axe, animal skin quivers for arrows, a yew bow and goat skin leggings. And also, there was some goat meat found in Otzi's stomach.
How the body was preserved
The body was preserved inside a layer of ice for many years and froze most body decay and kept the body fresh. (sort of)
How did Otzi die?
How and where was the body found
The body was found at the Ötzal alps near Hauslabjoch on the border of Italy and Austria. The body was only found by people walking between two rocks and the body lay beneath them, half exposed from the thick ice it was buried in.
How old Otzi's body
Otzi the Iceman!!
If Otzi was alive today he would be
5,300 years old!!
One of the theories of Otzi's death is a shoulder infection. He also had a few gut problems and had a arrow wound in his shoulder. Any of these could be the reason of his death.
Scientists used a combination of CT- scans,
X-rays,microscopic examinations and DNA tests
What was used to study the body?
It tells us that the time Otzi lived in was civilised because they were able to make tools, make and wear clothing and even create tattoos.
What does the body tell us about the society and time they live in?
The body is significant because it is the oldest human body to be preserved by ice and gives us a snapshot of what life was like in the cave man era.
Why is this body significant:
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