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Zen and the art of photographic story-telling

A story by The crazy Colombian

The crazy Colombian

on 1 May 2010

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Transcript of Zen and the art of photographic story-telling

In the beginning all was dark; and then there was light.
Innocence was lost as I gained knowledge from many
generations of family and friends.
I was born in Colombia, the land of eternal optimism. A place full of passion that sometimes is transmuted into anger. A confused and wonderful place full of contradictions; the cradle to some of the best artists in the world.
Love is Forever. Friendship lasts Forever, Nature has always been, will always be Forever. Respect other's paths. Admire your own. Such is the wisdom of Forever.
Now there is hope; a light at the end of the tunnel.The realisation that we need not choose between ying & yang; war & peace; male & female. Instead, we can see all within us, and accept the wisdom of our inner and our higher selves.
I live in Australia, the youngest & oldest land of all. A land of diversity and new beginnings. As a family man, I pass my kindness around; create beautiful things; and continue this never-ending pilgrimage.
In every person we meet there is a teacher. Be grateful for this eternal gift of knowledge; of self-awareness; of connectedness. Be mindful of what is, and accept what is not. For it is in this wisdom that you will find peace forever.
Like all stories,
it has a start,
a middle,
and an end.
A picture is worth a 1,000 words
- Anonymous
This is my story.
Some photos are mine.
Others are gifts from gifted friends.
Thank You

Peaceful Warrior

What about you?
Web invitation
Thank you, Flickr artists
MB Balances Rocks
How to pray the japanese way
The winding path
Puerta al Cielo
Thailand - Railey Beach 11
Childhood, the face of love Colombia, the only risk
is wanting to stay
Car Bombing, Baghdad
The Piano's been drinking
Timeless books
Sunset @ the Camino real
Peaceful Warrior
Andy's portrait
Give us this day
Path to our future
Beautiful Obsolesence
No matter it is Valentine
or not
Friends For Ever
Creek of Solitude
Path to Fairyland
Whipped cream sky CC
The tree
The Crazy Colombian

James Gordon
Lin Pernille
Jule Berlin
The Crazy Colombian
The Crazy Colombian
Mr. Kris
Clearly Ambiguous
The Crazy Colombian
Hamed Masoumi

Hamed Saber
The Crazy Colombian
Hamed Masoumi
Pink Sherbet Photography
This is where my story finishes,
and your story starts.

Have you regained your innocence yet?
Reclaimed a sister?
Made peace with your past?
Accepted the good, bad and ugly in your life?

Maybe you've done all this
and more;
maybe family
or friends
have supported you
as the seasons change
and you take yet another step
in your own journey.

Or maybe you have found
enduring friendship,
the beauty of nature,
respect to your fellow man,
or growth without limits.

We are all stories in the making.
What is your story?
What about you?
Ines, Daniel & Andres - for your patience, love and support while I crafted this book
Mum & Dad - for all the opportunities & support you have given me throughout in my life
Dan Millman - for giving me the courage to tell my story
Bradley Trevor Grieves - for inspiring me in the art of photographic story-telling
Stephanie Dowrie - for starting again my love for writing after so many years of being still
Garr Reynolds - for educating me in the art of presenting your in the Zen style
Skelliewag - for introducing me to the wonderful world of Creative Commons in flickr
Thank You
This is the start...
...this is
the middle...
... and this is the end
Thank you, flickr artists
A large number of the images in this photographic story were kindly donated by flickr artists. On the next page, you will find the name of the photograph and the artist's nickname in the flickr web-site.

To visit their page, go to flickr and do a 'member search' for the artist's name
The crazy colombian was born in Bogota in 1969. He spent his childhood surrounded by family, the sound of his mum playing the piano in the background, and a view of bookshelves that struggled to hold an ever-growing literary collection. After migrating to Sydney at the age of 23, he found that what he had been seeking had always been within himself. Using a beautiful collection of photography and quotes from other artists, he tells his story in the tradition of other Zen Masters.
aBouT the AuthoR
Your story deserves to be told. Join us on the internet at




and share your story.

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know, so they can enjoy it for free too!

SoBRe EL Autor
El Colombiano Loco nació en Bogotá en 1969, donde pasó su niñez rodeo de amigos y familia, el sonido de su madre tocando el piano con frecuencia, y una biblioteca que se rebosaba de libros. A los 23 años decidió emigrar a Australia, donde descubrió que lo que siempre había buscado existía en su interior desde que nació.

En ese libro, El Colombiano Loco usa una hermosa colección de fotografías y frases de autores famosos para contar su historia, en la tradición de otros maestros de la filosofía Zen.
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