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No description

Leonardo Suarez

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of Thor

Background Thor is the Norse God Of Lightning.
He is the son of Odin(King Of Asgard).
His only brother is Loki(who is adopted and is Thor's arch-nemesis).
Thor is the firstborn thus heir to the Throne Of Asgard
Odin notices Thor's arrogance before he is crown King Of Asgard and is punished for almost starting a war with the Frost Giants.Odin sends Thor to Earth and makes him mortal so he can be able to understand humility and be worthy to become King. Epic Characteristics How Does He Apply To Modern Society Thor is a supernatural being
Boasting gets him in trouble
Thor has high social status
Good vs. Evil
Thor's actions has saved people
Gods intervene his actions
Thor's evil forces are the Frost Giants and Loki
Thor has superhuman strength and powers Thor's Similarity To Beowulf Thor represents human pride and like Thor we as humans must have certain privileges taken away from us in order to learn humility and gratitude .Thor was stripped of his powers,was unable to wield his hammer,and was sent on Earth to comprehend gratitude and humility .Prisons should have the same effect; you are stripped of the privilege of freedom when you are arrogant of commiting a crime and when you are done with your sentence you are suppose to grasp those same principles. Thor has Frandal, Hogun ,Volstagg ,and Sif to help him in battles like Beowlf with his allies. Thor's Difference To Beowulf Thor changes his personality from being prideful, and arrogant to being humble; grateful (unlike Beowulf). Loki Odin stole Loki as a infant during the Asgardian War against the Frost Giants as an act to bring peace between the Frost Giants and the Asgardians.Growing up Loki never knew Odin took him in as a son and was always jealous of Thor because of his popularity,powers,being father's favorite,and being the firstborn.He later becomes his arch nemesis by betraying Thor and trying to take over the Kingdom Of Asgard. Frost Giants Frost Giants are monsters who thrive on human torture .They do this by freezing humans to death .Odin saw this torure and decided to seek justice for the humans by defeating the Frost Giants with his Asgardian Soldiers.Odin kills their leader and makes peace with the Frost Giants.The Frost Giants then leave Earth.The agreement was to stay away from each other's realm and the Frost Giants were not allowed to enter Earth.Some Frost Giants broke this agreement breaking into the weapons hall of Asgard before the crowning of Thor.Thor then confronts the new leader of the Frost Giants.The new leader sees this as threat and ambushes Thor.Odin saves Thor from the ambush.
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